One Tree Hill’s Bethany Joy Galeotti

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Thank you for doing this interview, Joy. Since the 4th season of “One Tree Hill” is starting soon, what can fans expect this time around?
Bethany Joy Galeotti: This year on OTH I think the fans should expect lots of drama, some new twists and turns in the relationships in town and, of course, baby news!

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): At the end of last season, there were a couple of cliffhangers. Do we get any answers in the first new episodes or do we have to wait it out a little?
Bethany Joy Galeotti: As far as the cliffhangers from last season, you’ll probably have to wait it out a few episodes to see everything unfold–but stay tuned!!

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): For those who watch the show, they know your character; Haley James is a singer and even toured with Tyler Hilton on the show. What are some of the differences, if any, between your music and Haley’s?
Bethany Joy Galeotti: It seems that Haley’s music is a little more “pop” than my personal music…I think I have a more blues/folk sound.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): I was sorry to hear that you won’t be releasing your album on Epic Records. Have you presented yourself to any other labels yet?
Bethany Joy Galeotti: Unfortunately I can’t sign with a new label until my termination contract with Sony is all signed. Just legal stuff, you know…but, don’t worry, I’ll be getting my music to you guys soon enough. 😉

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): What’s your favorite song of yours so far and why?
Bethany Joy Galeotti: It’s hard to pick a favorite song from my record, because there’s always something I would change on every song, depending on what’s happening in my life when I go back and listen to the master recordings–but I do have an affinity for “Desperate Gown”.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): You have said that music is your first love. If acting ever came in the way of your music, how would you handle that?
Bethany Joy Galeotti: I think acting and music go hand in hand–I don’t get to sing in every scene I do, but the same emotions that cause me to burst into song are still there. I can’t see music really “getting in the way” of my acting career because I think they really do work together.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Does being in the public eye and being on a show like “One Tree Hill” put pressure on you to be a role model? Do you ever feel like you have to hide pieces of yourself?
Bethany Joy Galeotti: As far as being a role model goes, there IS a certain amount of responsibility that comes with being in the public eye, and especially when you have a demographic, like we do, of so many young girls. I have a passion for people and relationships, and sometimes that gets me into trouble because it often keeps me from playing the Hollywood “game” which is such a huge part of working in this industry…but I really feel that to reach people and move their hearts, they have to find something relatable about me and I have to maintain a sense of reality. Yet, as much as I care about relationships, there’s definitely a line that I draw between my fans and my family. There are people in my life who are so dear to me, who know everything about me–my strengths and weaknesses, my joys and fears–and those people are who I call my “family”. My fans do not really get more than occasional glimpses of that stuff because I’m not in a personal relationship with them. So…it’s not so much that I feel I have to “hide things” as much as it is that I can’t let everybody in the world all the way in.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): What can we expect from you in the future with music, acting and other avenues you wish to pursue?
Bethany Joy Galeotti: In the future, I really hope to keep working and find projects that will really move people and encourage them. I also have “someday” plans to open a bakery and a florist in my hometown. Additionally, I’m composing a musical for stage.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): If you could dedicate any song in the world to your fans, which song would you choose and why?
Bethany Joy Galeotti: I think I’d dedicate “If You’re Missing (Come On Home)” to my fans…this is the song I get the most mail about. It really is just a dialogue between me and God. It’s what I think His heart is for everyone.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Thanks again for speaking with us, Joy. We know the StarShine readers will keep a look out for your music and will be watching “One Tree Hill” every Wednesday night!
Bethany Joy Galeotti: Thanks for the support, you guys! HAVE A WONDERFUL AUTUMN!!!


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