One Call Turns the “Blacklight” On 2011!

We all know history repeats itself.  New Edition was the new Jackson 5.  Backstreet Boys were the NEW New Kids on the Block.  The Jonas Brothers are the new Hanson.  However, the 21st century hasn’t really given us that uber talented boy band vibe yet.  Sure, many have tried.  Countless names like V Factory, Varsity Fan Club, the new Menudo & NLT have been stuck randomly in some teen magazine once in a while, but that’s as far as it goes.

As a journalist, you tend to get pretty bored seeing the same idea over and over again, knowing it’s going to fail.  It doesn’t mean any of those bands were untalented.  It just means something wasn’t right–whether it be their sound as a whole or their overly trendy outfits or maybe their dancing was on the lame side.  You tend to feel bad for these fallen boy banders who’s bubble gum gets popped without even a fair crack at the industry.

Nowadays, you have to have a wow factor or else you’re out.  Look at former NLTer Kevin McHale!  When I interviewed NLT back in 2006, I loved the group, but I never thought Kevin fit into a boy band.  Turns out he fit into the cast of GLEE.  Who knew?  Good for him!  But McHale isn’t the only future star from NLT.  Other members are making a name for themselves as well.

That’s where ONE CALL comes in…

Justin Thorne along with Anthony “AG” Gamlieli, Chris Moy & Jose Bordonada make up the band, managed by legendary Johnny Wright (Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake).  Justin Thorne is not the only broken boy band transport either.  Both Chris and Jose were previously in Menudo and had toured with NLT.  Menudo has been a household name forever, but the group hasn’t been successful since its Ricky Martin days.  When StarShine interviewed Menudo a few years ago, we were impressed and surprised with their a cappella.  The talent was there; just not marketable enough in the long run.

Maybe this time–with Justin’s experience, Jose’s precision, Chris’ romanticism along with AG’s lightheartedness–One Call can be that band that makes an impact this decade.

So, what’s it like walking away from one group and into a new one?  “Before it was like a school and now we know what to do; we’re doing this for real,” says Justin.

Unlike most boy bands, One Call actually wrote and produced their debut single “Blacklight”, which will hit radio soon.  (See the video here)  “We’re a little bit more edgy,” explains Jose.  “It’s just more fun and it’s very creative on our part.”  Within months of forming, the band recorded their album and toured with Britney Spears.  Not too shabby for a new artist, eh?

This is only the beginning…

What do you think?

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