Off the Grid…

I kind of have been checked out lately. From writing, social media, blogging… well, from life really. 
Not to worry.  This is my own bizarre way of writer’s block. Writing is definitely the key to my soul. If I am unmotivated to put words together then I am listless in my actual life.
I am not sure which comes first: the writer’s block or the life block… hmm, now there is a new chicken or the egg situation.
Obviously I am snapping out of it as the blog post proves. And it’s not like I haven’t been writing at all during this time or merely stayed in bed moping.
I simply have been less than eager for anything and everything. 
I miss the thirst I used to have for life and I am not quite sure how to get it back to a full depth. 
I think travel helps. And creating something that excites me. Believing in something is also helpful. 
I have been lacking in those areas. My travels have slowed down quite a bit since being back in New York. What I’ve been writing hasn’t truly grabbed a hold of my soul. And my beliefs have dwindled. 
I used to believe in dreams and magic. I used to believe I could make a difference. That there was more good than bad in the world. Well, I guess with the current state of America and the huge political divide, faith has been hard to come by. 
Social media is constantly pushing negativity into my life and I absolutely hate it. I would love to do away with social media altogether, but as a writer trying to get my name out there — how do I do that? (Seriously, if you have any tips on staying present on social media without it draining you, let me know!)
Recently, I took a family trip to Sicily to visit family. While 3 weeks on a family vacation was a different experience for me, it was a much needed thing in my life. It sparked my creativity and it challenged my mind (I took Italian lessons prior). Most of all, I was enriched my the culture and warmed by my big-hearted family. 
I started a new novel while sipping a spritz and arancina (rice ball). I had to sneak away early mornings to cafes or sometimes I stayed up late to get some writing in. 
When I returned home from Sicily, I felt ambitious about life again! I am starting to dream of best-selling novels again. I believe there is hope for our world. And I learned travel and quality alone time is essential to my well-being. 
Photos and more on my trip to Sicily in the next post! ❤️???