NYC’s Church of Mars: Love Lust Faith + Dreams Preview


Photo: David Medeiros.

It’s no secret I am an avid 30 Seconds to Mars supporter. I started out liking a couple of songs years ago, but never considered myself part of the Echelon, the band’s devout fan base, until 2009. Being a novelist, I was looking for some alternative-rock music to help define not only the main male character in the book, but that character’s band, Tortured.

When I started to expand my library of 30STM songs from two to thirty-two, I realized this band actually became the soundtrack to my novel, “Dream Catchers”. That book turned into a series, and it seems with every new book, a new album comes out that follows the storyline.

Now with my latest book “Take Me Home” almost finished, I am blessed with Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams, the 4th studio album by the three-piece band consisting of brothers Jared and Shannon Leto, along with Tomo Miličević. The album doesn’t come out until May 21st, but I received a sneak peek last night at St. Peter’s Church in New York City.

The band has been playing various churches in select cities, but this particular show was even more special. First off, the show was free, not just for press—we always get in for free, but for the fans as well.

I was part of an elite crowd that was getting to hear brand new songs like their first single off the album, “Up In The Air”, “City of Angels” and “End Of All Days” for the first time. “End Of All Days” was especially fitting for a church setting, as Jared Leto sang “All we need is faith”, with a stained-glass Jesus above his head…