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  • The Ultimate Guide to Crumbl Cookie Flavors
    New to Crumbl Cookies? Or dying to try a flavor you missed? Find out which Crumbl flavors are worth it and which ones aren't! [Read more...]
  • Lit Recipes: Peanut Butter Cheerio Bars
    Based off of Jordan's favorite sandwich his mom made him in the Dream Catchers Series, these PB cereal bars were made with him in mind! [Read more...]
  • Lit Recipes: Frosty Foster’s Famous Hot Cocoa
    Try this hot cocoa recipe inspired by my Dream Catchers book series. [Read more...]
  • Pumpkin-Pecan Oat Bars [Vegan + GF-Friendly]
    These baked oat bars are perfect for the fall season and make a hearty, healthy breakfast or treat! [Read more...]
  • Ditch + Switch: Halloween Candy Edition
    Check out Halloween candy options that are better for you and the environment. Coupon codes inside! [Read more...]
  • Chocolate-Espresso Muffins [DF, V + GF-Friendly]
    This easy recipe is customizable to fit your dietary needs. With the right amount of sweetness, chocolate + coffee marry together for the perfect muffin! [Read more...]
  • 2019 NYC Vegandale Festival Overwhelmed Vegheads with Options!
    The third annual Vegandale Festival hit NYC’s Randall’s Island this past Saturday with even more vendors than last year.  Tents lined both sides of Randall’s Island Park each offering a different vegan cuisine, treat, information, or cruelty-free product. What exactly is Vegandale? No, it’s not some new show on The CW! According to the festival’s website, Vegandale is a mecca for the ethically minded and hungry, with the best of vegan food, goods, and services [Read more...]
  • Newly Veganish: Balancing Wellness and Food Relationships
    Incorporating eggs, fish, or chicken a couple of times a week has renewed my physical and mental energy. Vegan nutrition testing discount inside. [Read more...]
  • Plant-Based vs. Vegan
    This is a “let’s get real” post that I’ve been trying to figure out how to write for a few weeks when I made the decision to incorporate some animal-based products back into my life. As someone who was a very proud vegan, it was very difficult to admit to myself that something was off. For over a year now, I’ve been dealing with long periods of lethargy and depression. I thought it was a vitamin deficiency at first… I made sure I was taking B12, Iron, and [Read more...]
  • Great Vegan Finds at Dessert Goals Festival in NYC
    Vegan food is becoming a staple option at events and restaurants all over the world.  New York City has generally been an area to offer vegetarian or vegan options over smaller cities, but veganism hasn’t always been considered such a standard lifestyle.  Now, the Beyond Burger and the Impossible Burger are aggressively popping up on menus all over the country, but especially in my neighborhood of Astoria.  It’s a pretty exciting time for us vegans! However, while breakfast, lunch, [Read more...]
  • Recipe: Sweet Potato Chili Boats with Avocado-Lime Sour Cream
    I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kind of cook, so I quite literally threw this recipe together in 2 hours, from concept to the table.  I have to pat myself on the back because these chili boats came out AMAZING!!  It satisfied every craving you could think of, and while it’s hearty and has a complex flavor, it’s also light enough to leave you feeling energized and healthy.  This is the perfect meal for a dinner party, especially for the upcoming fall, as sweet potatoes and [Read more...]
  • What Living Alone Has Taught Me
    Almost two months ago, I moved into my own apartment… well, I still have one roommate: Zuko, my cutie pie bunny, who is very much loving the new house I built him, and the freedom I give him to roam.  Besides Zuko, who loves to boss me around, it’s just me.  I’ve always lived with family or roommates, all whom I adore, but moving into my own apartment was something I needed to  experience. [Read more...]
  • Animals are NOT Gifts, They’re a Commitment!
    It’s that time of year again… when parents, grandparents, aunts, or uncles think it would be “cute” to get their child an easy to manage holiday-themed pet!  Do you think a bunny would make the perfect gift for Easter? Well, I’m here to tell you DON’T do it, unless you are fully prepared to care for these delicate, living creatures. [Read more...]
  • Eating DisordersEating Disorders: Living In Secret Shame
    What does it feel like to have an eating disorder? Like you can’t do anything right. It’s like a constant fist fight with yourself. There are two people inside of me. The smart, level-headed, sensible one that loves herself.  She takes care of herself with positive vibes, good food, time to herself, friends, family and outside time to be with nature. The other person… She thinks she needs to punish herself.  She doesn’t deserve anything good.  She should be locked [Read more...]
  • Work Out at Home and Love it!
    I love going to the gym because once you’re there, it’s hard to back out of working out. However, there are days where you just can’t make it! Maybe there isn’t anyone to watch the kids or the weather is terrible or you’re short on time… Perhaps it just isn’t in your budget to get a gym membership or you prefer to workout alone in the privacy of your own home with bed head… Whatever your reasons are for not making it to the gym, that doesn’t [Read more...]
  • 5 Reasons To Eat Avocados…Even If You Hate Them
    I know I sound like a typical millennial obsessed with avo, but one, I am not all that millennial and two, sometimes millennials teach us something.  When I grew up, avocado was only associated with guacamole.  Don’t get me wrong–I love me some guac, but avocado is so much more than a dip.  For you anti-avos out there, there are ways you can sneak it into your daily routine where you won’t taste it or mind the texture.  And why is it so important to add this creamy green fruit [Read more...]
  • Travel: New Orleans Birthday Weekend
    It’s been a while since I have posted any travel blogs.  I will be working on my Sicily one soon (so many photos to sort through), but in the mean time, here is my latest New Orleans trip from this past weekend. This was my 4th trip to NOLA.  With one of my best friends, Natalie, living in this wonderful city, I am lucky enough to get to see it as a local would.  The last time I visited was 3 years ago and I had stayed for almost an entire month.  If you read that post, things were a [Read more...]
  • We're All Connected.
    Do you ever see someone who looks incredibly familiar? You’ve met this person somewhere before, but you can’t put your finger on it. Did you go to school with him or her? Or maybe you’re from the same neighborhood? I assume this experience has happened to everyone. What I am not so sure about is that you can be somewhere, in a different state or country, around no one you know, and “recognize” people. This is how I feel. This deja vu-ish feeling of familiarity [Read more...]
  • Two Sides of the Mirror
    A poem I wrote about being your own worst enemy. [Read more...]
  • Forget the Chocolates… Eat Dates! Seriously.
    I’ve been trying to get back into a healthier routine.  Emotional eating got the best of me…again, and I fell into bad habits.  And what happens when you eat out of boredom, or in my case, out of stress? Then you stress about eating badly and you feel badly, so you eat more to feel better…and… well, you know the deal. I finally pulled myself out of the ditch.  And boy, it’s amazing how taking care of yourself makes it so much easier to love, not only yourself, but [Read more...]
  • My Heart Almost Died.
    Ally Sheedy was right (or John Hughes rather)… I feel like my heart died a little. But I’m determined to get it beating again. It's time to come home... [Read more...]
  • All That I'm Not Makes Me All That I Am
    It’s easy to get caught up in envy of others who we feel are more beautiful, successful, funnier, and the list goes on and on.  We’re all guilty of wanting what we don’t have. During my morning commute the other day, I admired a young woman’s hair.  It was long, strong and looked like she hadn’t fussed with it at all.  It wasn’t thin like my hair or extra coarse. I could never pull off long hair, with the baby-fine strands I’ve been blessed-or [Read more...]
  • Mama Kate's Potato Salad
    Like many people, I learned how to cook from my mother.  I began cooking and baking when I was 8-years-old and adored that time spent with Mom. Whenever I make one of her recipes, I get nostalgic and sometimes, it feels like Mom is right there with me in the kitchen.  Yesterday marked 9 years since she has passed away and the moments I miss most were those times we slaved away well into the wee hours of the morning cooking for holidays.  We’d laugh so hard and listen to music and talk [Read more...]
  • Celebrate National Blueberry Month with these Recipes!
    July is National Blueberry Month and I'm celebrating the smurfish fruit with cool, summer time treats featuring Bai's Brasilia Blueberry antioxidant drink! Check recipes for iced tea sangria, smoothies + popsicles! [Read more...]
  • 6 Easy Tips To Be Greener
    We hear Leonardo DiCaprio talk about it all the time... going green. What does that mean exactly? Drive an electric car? Get solar paneling on your roof? Be a vegan? While yes, all of those things would help our often neglected environment, it might seem overwhelming to most of us. You don't have to change your entire world to make a difference. It wasn't like we ruined this planet overnight. The decline in our air quality and ecosystems have been an ongoing process over centuries. However, if we don't take action, it's only going to get worse. Instead of trying to reverse the damage by turning your entire life around, small changes can help. Small changes can teach others. One day, you won't be here, but your children and grandchildren will be. Teach them to take care of their world and all of its organisms. Show you care, even if you don't think it will make a change. It's good for your soul and sets a good example. Try out these 6 things to help the planet. Happy Earth Day! [Read more...]
  • Ben & Jerry's Vegan Flavors Reviewed!
    While the release of Ben & Jerry's nondairy ice cream is amazing for the vegan community, it doesn't mean all of the flavors are worth a lick. Let me break it down for you... [Read more...]
  • 3 Things I Discovered While On Retreat
    Reflecting on my birthday writing retreat and what time alone can teach you about yourself. [Read more...]
  • Just Say NO
    "As an adult, it was finally time to exercise my right to say NO." [Read more...]
  • Don't Be A Victim Of Self-Inflicted Pressure
    When I chose a path of journalism and being an author, it was not to make money. It was to fulfill my inner desires and goals; it was to connect with myself and other people, and nothing made me happier. But, I always doubted myself because society says a career is where most of your income is created. There were times in my career where I didn't make a dime -- sure, there were perks, like free concerts, CDs, DVDs, clothes and to hang out with celebrities, but ultimately, I did it because I loved it all... [Read more...]
  • It's OK to be Mad.
    Sometimes we feel ashamed to admit when we're depressed or struggling. For me, personally, I feel pressure to always be happy. This pressure not only comes from those who have known me to be the girl who is always smiling, always laughing, even when she's crying, and the one who always looks at the positives more than the negatives; but this pressure is even more so self-inflicted. I want to be that person 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That Sandy has a ton of friends. She interviews cool celebrities. She travels the country by herself like a boss. That Sandy wrote 8 novels that she hopes will inspire others to be happy. The truth is... Happiness is not easy. [Read more...]
  • Food Finds: Comfort Food Quick Fixes
    I try hard to eat healthy and not a bunch of processed foods. Let's face it, sometimes you just need a quick, indulgent fix though! Being vegan, that doesn't always come so easy. Recently, I was pleasantly surprised and delighted what quick comforts I found at my local grocery store! [Read more...]
  • Adulting Is For The Birds… Or is it?
    I kind of have Peter Pan syndrome.  That doesn’t come as a surprise to my family members, I’m sure.  I am the baby of my siblings after all.  It’s hard for them to think of me as an adult, therefore it’s not easy for me to see myself as an adult. Sure, I’ve traveled the country by myself and work multiple jobs and pay bills.  But I have never felt like a grown-up.  I still love the same things I loved as a kid: John Travolta and Adam Sandler movies, Jared Leto, [Read more...]
  • Mother's Day Cocktail: Cruzan Peach Sparkler
    Like Mimosas, but are kind of bored with the traditional brunch fare? Cruzan makes a Peach Rum that is great with orange juice or you can add a splash to iced tea for a spiked peach tea! Cruzan Peach is light and summery, but still has a punch that you want from rum. If you want to get fancier for Mother's Day, try this recipe and impress your friends and family. [Read more...]
  • Get in the Green Spirit for St. Patrick's Day!
    The luck of the Irish is upon us! Even if you're not a wee bit of Irish, everyone is allowed to be on St. Patrick's Day. It's a reason to drink, eat and be merry with friends, family and even make some new buddies. Whether you're at the bar or at home, try out some of these food and drink recipes to share! [Read more...]
  • Brussel Sprouts & Sweet Potatoes with Quinoa
    Brussel Sprouts combined with the sweet potatoes is like a happy little get together with new friends you know will be around for a long time! Try out this simple and delicious recipe that's healthy, colorful and comforting. [Read more...]
  • Wellbriety Column: The Mother and Son Relationship in Addiction
    The relationship between a Mother and her son is one that transcends time. No matter the age of your child they are still your baby and you want to protect them. I remember speaking to a therapist (and close friend) years ago regarding my son. I will never forget this conversation as long as I live. [Continue reading on] [Read more...]
  • Snack Healthy: 4 Chip Alternatives You'll Love
    Being a former snack-a-holic myself, I still go through periods of needing a good snack fix. I'm not talking dessert, but those crunchy, salty things you can't eat just one of. You know what I'm talking about: potato chips, cheese doodles, nachos, and the like. Check out Half Full's picks for healthy chip time snacking... [Read more...]
  • The Rock Star Remedy: Dr. Gabrielle Francis' Prescription For Living A Long, Healthy Life
    "The Rock Star Remedy" (Harper Wave) is a detailed, but not one-size fits all, lifestyle outline that benefits the mind, body and soul. Dr. Gabrielle Francis has practiced natural medicine for over 33 years while traveling with the most famous rock bands in the world. Read the full review... [Read more...]
  • Recipe: The DeNiro Martini; The Actor Talks About His New Vodka
    Recently, Robert DeNiro talked with Wine Enthusiast Magazine about his partnership with New Zealand's VDKA 6100. A known film icon and restauranteur, Bobby D. now dips his busy hands into the cocktail industry. Get his favorite cocktail recipe and more... [Read more...]
  • Wellbriety Column: Addiction and Relationships
    Hello again! I hope these blogs are helping you to understand more about the DISEASE of ADDICTION. It took me years of study to truly understand it, so I empathize with those of you who have loved ones suffering with their demons. How you, as a spouse, Mother, Father, sibling, handle your relationship with an addict impacts them tremendously. They may not care to show that while they are using, but your support through that time will definitely be rewarded once they are in recovery. I know this from first hand experience with my own son... [Continue Reading on] [Read more...]
  • Fight Winter Blues with the Art of Herbs
    Many are dubbing today, Monday, January 26th "Blue Monday", the most depressing day of the year. Natural remedies might just help bring you out of your funk! [Read more...]
  • Traveling Barista Picks: Top 10 Coffee Shops in the U.S.
    It’s no secret that I travel a lot.  Hello, it’s kind of in my name!  Usually, I spend 6 months to a year in one place, but the last part of 2014, I was practically in a new city every week!  It was exciting, freeing, exhausting, and I’m glad I did it. In fact, for the first time in 5 years, I was NOT a barista.  I was just a traveling coffee taster?  Yeah, that’s what I’ll call it.  Anyway, upon my arrival back to New York (my home state), I decided being a [Read more...]
  • Home For The Holidays
    Back in old New York with family, old friends, and the return of the Traveling Barista? [Read more...]
  • Travel Blog: Nostalgic in Nashville
    Unlike many of my travel destinations, Nashville was familiar and welcomed me back lovingly. After living there for a couple of years, and also being away for almost as long, I wasn't sure if that feeling of home would still be there. Would my friends still be around? Will the vibe be the same? And the question remains: will I once again call Music City home? [Read more...]
  • Natural Solutions: Relieve Stress & Improve Health
    Let's face it, we all tend to spiral out of mental and physical control toward the end of the year.  With holiday chaos, like shopping, cooking, parties, and still maintaining a job, our stress levels are sky-high and our eating/exercise habits are at an all-time low. The new year is all about rejuvenation. Many of us want quick fixes for any damage we've done. Not only do we want to jump on the new fad diet, but some of us may even think to pop some magic pills to lose weight, increase metabolism, help us sleep or improve our overall mood. Well, those fads and pills do more harm than good. I don't know about you, but I'm even weary of taking aspirin for a headache. If I have an ailment or find myself in a funk, I try to evaluate what is going on in my life that is causing the problem. Here are a few tips and alternatives to those mood-altering pills. [Read more...]
  • Wellbriety Column: What is a Recovery Coach?
    Since becoming certified as a RECOVERY SUPPORT SPECIALIST, I have included this into my practice for 2015. But a lot of people really don’t understand what a Recovery Coach does. In this new article, I'll explain it further. [Read more...]
  • "Shelter Us" – A Book Trilogy for Animal Lovers & Children Alike!
    Randall Starewicz's heartwarming children's book trilogy "Shelter Us: Max & Miles" is not only a sweet tale about two inseparable dogs at an animal shelter, it's also a series that will make a difference. [Read more...]
  • Thanksgiving in Memphis
    My spirits were lifted in Elvis' homeland.  I spent Thanksgiving with my second family and felt truly grateful for great friends and travel opportunities.  Read on for photos and my trip... [Read more...]
  • Non-Productive in NOLA
    My month in New Orleans was somehow a mix of friends, family, fun, stress and depression.  Could it be the city of the dead bringing me down or my search for home? [Read more...]
  • Wellbriety Column: Staying In Recovery During the Holidays
    Hello Again!! Welcome to my third article in this current series. As the holidays quickly approach most of us will be attending those wonderfully festive events with co-workers, family and friends. Those of us who are not in recovery look forward to these gatherings with heightened anticipation to help ease the stress of this busy time of year. Unfortunately though, recovering addicts look at these two last months of the year with the utmost dread. Why, you ask? Because while being able to manage their sobriety with meetings, therapy and the like for 10 months out of the year, these last 60 days are the most challenging and bring about more relapses, overdoses and suicides than I care to share. [Read more...]