Nominate Me in the 2017 Top Female Authors Awards!

I have the opportunity to take part in 2017’s Top Female Authors Awards presented by The Authors Show! Back in 2010, I was voted as one of The Authors Show’s 50 Writers You Should Be Reading and I would love to be considered for this year’s female writers.  BUT I can’t nominate myself – that wouldn’t be any fun anyway 😉  So, if you think I am deserving, please submit your nomination.  It’s fast and easy!  Click this link: and fill-in all the required info.  For my e-mail address, you can use  Thank you!!
Hugs, Kisses & Stars,
Sandy Lo
P.S. – Nominations end May 31st!

2 Comments on “Nominate Me in the 2017 Top Female Authors Awards!

  1. Wonderful honor, Sanjean! I tried nominating you, and the system keeps telling me that the e-mail formats I’m using aren’t correct. I tried a few times, and it’s not letting me submit. I have the e-mail addresses correct, and I made sure everything was lowercase.

    Not sure what the issue is. ?

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