Nick & Knight Take On NOLA!

Nick Carter and Jordan Knight. For more photos, scroll down.What do you get when you have two veteran pop stars teaming up on stage?  A show that’s one part boy band, one part Broadway, three dozen pelvic thrusts, and plenty of seasoning!
Earlier this year, Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter and New Kids On The Block’s Jordan Knight formed the duo Nick & Knight with the release of an album and the catchy single, “One More Time”.
Now fans of both men, who are familiar mingling with each other after Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block formed a super group, NKOTBSB back in 2011, are treated to a live show in a select city tour.
Half Full caught the Nick & Knight show at the Civic Theatre in New Orleans.  Without an opening  act to sit through, and finally a concert that actually began on time, fans didn’t have to anticipate seeing their former teen idols hit the stage.
Being a frequent attendee of Backstreet Boys and even New Kids shows, I was somewhat surprised by the much smaller crowd attending.  There was actually room to breathe and dance!
What didn’t surprise me were the flawless vocals, fun vibe, high energy, and lots of synchronized choreography, which at times was so theatrical that it looked as if the guys would break out into jazz hands.
Performing their new songs like “Just The Two Of Us”, “Drive My Car” and “Deja Vu”, Nick & Knight did their best to get the crowd hyped, but nothing did that quite like some “oldies”.
With an eclectic medley of ’90s hits like Mase’s “Feel So Good”, Blackstreet’s “No Diggity”, Sisqo’s  “Thong Song” and TLC’s “Creep”, the guys brought their audience back to their youth.
Of course, the real crowd pleasers were NKOTB hits “Step By Step” and “If You Go Away” and BSB classics “I Want It That Way” and “Larger Than Life”.  Not to be overlooked, however were solo performances of Jordan’s “Give It To You” and Nick’s “I Got You”.
If you’re just looking to reminisce over some ’80s and ’90s boy band hits, this show might not be for you.  For any die hard fan, though, the Nick & Knight tour is a must!
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