Never Stop Believing

Stop.  Just be.  Listen.  Block out the commotion.  Block out the opinions and egos.  Love comes in all forms.  God’s love is the purest.  I always have His attention–All of His attention.  All of his Love.  Just look for it.

I can find it in a friendly smile, a beautiful sky, inside my own heart as I put pen to paper.  Some things aren’t meant to be answered right now.  I’ll keep praying.  I’ll keep writing warm, touching stories that help people believe.

Faith is powerful.  Things fall apart.  They come together and make sense.  Or don’t make any sense at all.  That’s okay.  Life isn’t supposed to make sense.  Stop over thinking.  Stop pushing.  Just Love and welcome it.  And never stop Believing.


*This is an entry from my personal journal.  No matter what your beliefs are, I hope you take something positive from my words.  The more beauty you see in yourself, in others, in the environment, the better you will feel and the more things and people will be attracted to you.