Movie Watch: Grantham & Rose Starring Jake T. Austin, Marla Gibbs and Tessa Thompson

Rising young actor, Jake T. Austin, best known for his roles on Wizards of Waverly Place and The Fosters, stars as Grantham Portnoy, a troubled teen with blue hair and emo make-up, who ends up in a detention facility.  At the facility, he meets Rose Price (Marla Gibbs), an elderly woman who works there with an unknown title.
Rose takes an interest in Grantham’s well-being and begins to mentor him before breaking him loose from the detention facility to take a road trip in her flower decorated car.
While on the road, the two bicker over driving skills,  what’s right and wrong, but mostly have some good laughs.  While stopped at a gas station, Grantham encounters a beautiful girl, Wallis (Tessa Thompson) a few years older than he is.
After stealing a few items, Grantham offers Wallis a ride, much to Rose’s dismay.  The oddly matched duo now turns into a motley trio on a journey of cleaning out old baggage.
Grantham and Wallis relate to each other, offering comfort while Rose’s “tell it like it is” personality sometimes clashes.  Soon it becomes clear that the 80-year-old has secrets of her own that reveal her real motivation for helping Grantham.
With a solid storyline, and vague details, Grantham & Rose allows the viewer to put pieces together and fill in the blanks.  The movie does this while showcasing some wonderful upcoming talent in Austin and Thompson, and allowing Gibbs’ star to shine as the wise guiding force.
Grantham & Rose is now available from MarVista Digital Entertainment on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and OnDemand!  Check your local carriers for it.
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