Kerli – Love Is Dead

A track by track review of the new album by Estonian artist Kerli!
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1. Love Is Dead
A sad love song that torments the listener by telling a tale everyone has gone through. Kerli’s vocals on the track are reminiscent of Dolores O’Riordan from The Cranberries.

2. Walking On Air
The album’s breakout hit, which Kerli says is autobiographical and also a song she would dedicate to fans, is laced with a spacey beat that reminds you of walking on the moon. The song has a catchy and uplifting chorus, especially for anyone who feels a bit strange or out of place from time to time.

3. The Creationist
A fun, spiritual and airy song about living. It sounds like Kerli believes in the law of attraction as she sings about good things on the way and blue skies.

4. I Want Nothing
An edgier, rock styled song that you can bop your head to and see some attitude from Kerli. The perfect way to tell someone off!

5. Up And Up
This song has an ‘80s vibe mixed with Natasha Bedingfield and Adam Sandler’s Cajun Boy from an old “Saturday Night Live” skit. The verses end in words with “ion” like “emasculation”. It’s a fun, airy song that gets stuck in your head after you listen to it.

6. Bulletproof
This one is where the “darkness” of Kerli comes out. In Amy Lee fashion, Kerli’s vocals echo through the drums and the chords, and reveals a vulnerability that surprisingly the lighter songs on the album hide with positivity. The beginning of the chorus says: “I am trying not to think about all the things you did before, but sometimes it all just gets to me. I can’t fake it anymore.” This track is one of the best on the album! It would make a strong single and probably an awesome video, though “Walking On Air” is pretty unique, “Bulletproof” would be an amazing story to see on screen.

7. Beautiful Day
Kerli returns to the lighter side with “Beautiful Day”. That’s what great about this album, it takes the listener from up and down to light and dark. It’s real, not overdone, and enjoyable!

8. Creep Show
Right away, this track stands out. With a childlike taunting throughout the song, “La La La La”, Kerli makes fun of herself in “Creep Show”. The song says: “I’m from a land called secret Estonia, nobody knows where it’s. Cinnamon houses and licorice flies, nobody knows where it‘s at.” This track is humorous, great to blast in the car, and probably would make a great dance song.

9. Hurt Me
Kerli proves to be an excellent songwriter. The quick-paced lyrics of “Hurt Me” are punk styled, proving Kerli could basically make any genre of music work for her.

10. Butterfly Cry
Kerli says she wrote “Butterfly Cry” about a terrible depression she was in. In the song, Kerli talks about letting go of the pain, and you can actually feel a release as you listen to the comforting lyrics. A slow, melodic rhythm sets the mood and you’ll want to add this track to that i-mix that helps you get out of bed every morning.

11. Strange Boy
Another fun, danceable track on the album. Kerli reveals a twinge of bad girl in her as she sings, “Everything I do is oh so wrong, that’s why you like it”.

12. Fragile
Driven by powerful lyrics, “Fragile” sounds like a poem turned song that’s not drowned out by too many loud instruments. Kerli slightly sounds like Feist on this track, rounding out her diversity even more.

Overall Rating:
Love Is Dead is intoxicating, playful, unique, familiar and meaningful. A well-rounded album for any music fan. Kerli is an amazing songwriter, beautiful singer, and has a wonderful attitude towards life. She’s a true artist!


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