Kerli is Eccentric Excellence

Most people think Estonia is a made up place from the 1992 Pauly Shore movie Encino Man. In fact, Estonia is in Northern Europe bordering Sweden and Finland, but enough geography. The only reason StarShine is mentioning the country is because of Kerli. Who? You’ll know soon enough.

Kerli is a 21-year-old blonde beauty who is redefining the sound of music. Like her influences Björk and Gwen Stefani had before her, Kerli has an eccentricity all her own which she shows in her Tim Burton-esque debut video “Walking On Air”.

“It’s this song about this little creepy girl that comes from a little creepy place and she has her big dream and she loves music, but nobody believes in her.” Kerli told StarShine in a recent interview. She also chose “Walking On Air” as the song she would dedicate to her fans, which is autobiographical for her and relatable to others. “That song is just about overcoming the obstacles. When the chorus kicks in, it’s like when you feel it, you believe it, like whatever you want to do, if you stand behind it, you’ll be walking on air. That song is just about bringing hope.”

Kerli self-described her music as pop, but it isn’t that simple. “It’s very structured, it has hooks, but it’s kind of dark.” She explains. “I always say that my music is a dark fairytale. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel.”

Though Kerli signed to Island Def Jam in 2006, she has been writing and recording songs for over five years. With 150 songs to play with for her debut album, Love Is Dead, it was a tough process. “A lot of songs I really love didn’t make it on the album because they’re too out there.” Kerli says, but has hopes they will make it on her second record. Trying to choose a favorite of her songs was also difficult for Kerli. “Your songs are like your kids.” Kerli explains. “Some kids have more potential in life and the other one has less potential in life but you still love them equally and you love them the same way.” Kerli did give mention to “Walking On Air”, the title track “Love Is Dead” and “Butterfly Cry”, which Kerli wrote about a long depression she was in.

In her interview with StarShine Magazine, Kerli‘s depression appears to be left in that far away land known as Estonia, which Kerli jokes about in the song “Creep Show“. “I‘m from a land called secret Estonia/Nobody knows where it‘s at“. Kerli feels happier and freer in America and says she felt restricted back home. “Growing up in Estonia, I was like a flower in a little black box, but now, when I’m [in America] I feel like I’m in the sunlight and I can finally bloom.” She says. “I’m just being crazy, eccentric…a freak. I do whatever I want now.”

Kerli is an inspiring soul with true talent, marketability, and a pure attitude. She is just the type of artist the industry needs and the type of person that deserves to be heard. When asked her future goals for her career, Kerli barely had any; just one: to be happy. “If I’m not happy and I’m not content, and not in touch with myself and the universe, then I can’t serve the universe the way I’m supposed to.” She says.

Kerli’s debut album Love Is Dead will be available online and in stores everywhere July 8th. With edgy flair, catchy choruses, and meaningful lyrics, Love Is Dead manages to blend an extreme mix of styles. Mix Gwen Stefani, Amy Lee, Natasha Bedingfield and Björk together and what do you get? Kerli!

There’s tons of originality with Kerli, both as an individual and in her music. She was able to do something rare on her first album: do it her own way. “I managed not to compromise my artistic vision or my music at all, so it’s actually everything I wanted to do.” She explains.

After her debut album hits stores, you can bet Kerli will be on tour to support it and gain the legion of loyal fans sure to follow her. If Kerli had the tour her way, she would want a fairytale theme, which she’s been fantasizing about since she was a teenager.

When StarShine asked Kerli to say something to her fans, it wasn’t a shameless self-plug to buy her album or to check her out on MySpace, her message was much deeper than that. “I just want people to realize that we are a limitless source of power and we can do absolutely anything.” Sounds like Kerli knows “The Secret”, she just might be Estonia’s best kept secret. Not anymore.

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