Katy Perry is On Top…and She Likes It!

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

To think the girl who boasts about kissing another girl was raised by minister parents. Katy says her parents aren’t shocked by anything she does and even calls her father a “modern rock and roll pastor”. Her Christianity may be why the media believed Katy when she joked about being celibate for a year. “Please, celibacy for a whole year; I’d rather die,” Katy muses.

“I Kissed A Girl” has been welcomed by vast audiences especially in the gay and lesbian community. However, despite Katy’s pride on kissing a girl, she doesn’t think it’s for everyone. “I think to each their own. Some say tomato, some say tomato.” Katy is also proud to be a gay activist. “I voted no on Prop 8, of course, and I’ve come a long way from where I was raised,” she explains.

Aside from a catchy hit single, along with an album chock full of awesome and cutting edge pop songs, Katy Perry has achieved fame as a style icon as well. Inspired by the swing era, Katy is often seen in rompers and flirty custom made halter dresses. She has even taken dance classes where she learned swing, the lindy hop and the jitterbug.

Usually when a trendsetting artist, like Katy Perry comes along, they’re marketable to a large audience and will disappear in a few years. It’s rare when they’re actually taken seriously as well! Luckily for Katy, she not only has audiences backing her, but the music industry. Only nine months after her debut album One of the Boys was released, Katy has a Grammy nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for “I Kissed A Girl”. “I feel like I’ve really, you know, almost like crossed some life goals off already in this small period of time,” she gushes.

Though Katy has wanted a music career all of her life, she is grateful it has come now and not sooner. She doesn’t think she would have been able to handle it if she were younger. “People in the public eye deal with more than just making music.” Of course Katy is referring to the media commenting on every move she makes.

The next step in Katy’s career kicked off on February 1st; her headlining world tour. She’s looking forward to being able to perform her entire album for fans. However, don’t expect Katy to just get up on stage and sing. “When I go to see a show, I get really bored if it’s just the band and they’re in their jeans and t-shirt, and they think that that’s all they need,” she explains. “I like to see it come to life. I like to see the eye candy, I guess, and I’m definitely bringing a load of eye

Katy also says she’s hoping to work on her second album this summer, but as for right now, she’s happy to be on the road and promoting her new single, “Thinking Of You”. “It’s a very regretful song about a relationship that ended,” Katy says.

For tour dates and more information on Katy Perry: www.katyperry.com


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