Jonas Brothers: The New Hanson?

The Jonas Brothers is the newest boy band; however, when we say “band” we mean it! Not only do these guys sing and write their own music, but they play their own instruments as well. With hit singles “Mandy” and “Year 3000” behind them, the Jonas Brothers are bringing in hoards of fans to their shows! Their debut album It’s About Time recently hit stores and StarShine was able to chat with the boys backstage at their concert in Staten Island, NY.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): How are you guys?
Jonas Brothers: Awesome!

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Let’s go around the room and introduce yourselves and say your ages.

Nicholas Jonas: What’s up guys? I’m Nick. I’m thirteen.
Joseph Jonas: Hey everybody! I’m Joe. I’m seventeen.
Kevin Jonas: I’m Kevin and I’m eighteen.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): You guys are here in Staten Island, doing a show tonight. Are you excited?
Nicholas Jonas: Very excited.
Joseph Jonas: We’re excited to see all our fans. Our album came out yesterday.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): I was just going to say that.
Kevin Jonas: We’re ready to see the fan reaction after the album came out.
Joseph Jonas: See how many people bought it.
Nicholas Jonas: See how many people know the words.
Kevin Jonas: If they sing along, then it’s definitely an indication they got the record.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): The reason we decided to interview you guys is because we received a lot of requests for you on our website. We had a lot of people talking about you, so I looked into it.
Joseph Jonas: Awesome!
Nicholas Jonas: That’s great!

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): For someone who is going to get your album, how would you describe your music?
Nicholas Jonas: It’s definitely a pop-punk, pop-rock feel. A lot of old school punk influences as well as new pop-punk. So we combined the two sounds and made what the Jonas Brothers are.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): What’s your favorite song off the album?
Joseph Jonas: For me, it’s definitely “What I Go To School For”. It was the last song we did for the record and it just turned out so cool.
Nicholas Jonas: I have to agree, that’s one of my favorites. Also, “Time For Me To Fly”, which was one of the first songs we wrote together as a band.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Do you have anything to add Kevin?
Kevin Jonas: That’s pretty much exactly how I feel.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Very cool. Out of everyone you’ve gotten to tour with or work with in the industry, who was the coolest person you met?
Kevin Jonas: Oh man. Jesse McCartney has been amazing to us. On the tour and off, he’s just a great person to be around. He’s a great friend. Every time we see him, he gives us huge hugs. Of course the Backstreet Boys and Aly & AJ were great. Cheetah Girls too.
Nicholas Jonas: All the acts we toured with have been amazing.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Now tell me about “Mandy”. I know that you guys recorded three episodes of it. What made you decide to do that?
Joseph Jonas: We have three episodes of our video “Mandy”. Part of the reason was that we had so many ideas; we couldn’t fit it all in one . The president of Columbia Records came up with a great idea and we collaborated with him about having three episodes, but continued. We loved the idea.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Now I know that you, Nicholas originally was the one who wanted to be in music.
Nicholas Jonas: I always wanted to do music and always had been. I mean I started singing when I could talk. My mom started sending me out on auditions when I was seven. I started booking things. I did four Broadway shows and while I was doing that, I recorded a Christmas song. Someone heard it at Columbia Records and wanted to sign me. I wrote a song with my brothers for MY record and it became a group project instead, so we went that route. After two years, we finally came out with a record.
Kevin Jonas: Finally! It actually happened.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Very cool. Now I took a little poll and asked what kind of questions the fans wanted to ask you guys. Of course most of them had to do with girlfriends… So do you have a girlfriend?
Nicholas Jonas: Well, me…I…I’m trying to think if I do… [Laughs] Kevin Jonas: We definitely date.
Joseph Jonas: We like girls a lot. [Laughs] Kevin Jonas: We’re interested in stuff like that, but at the time we’re so busy.
Nicholas Jonas: It’s very hard to maintain a relationship because it’s always long distance.
Joseph Jonas: It doesn’t matter if you live across the street because it’s still long distance because we’re never home. When you find that special person, it does work though.
Kevin Jonas: It’s all about that person be willing to work with you.
Nicholas Jonas: But right now we’re all single.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): So would you ever date a fan?
Kevin Jonas: Yeah! Of course. We’re just normal people.
Joseph Jonas: Definitely!
Nicholas Jonas: My thing is I’ll date a fan if they’re not like “woo-woo” and they’re just cool and just a fan of our music.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Finally for the last question… If you could dedicate any song in the world to your fans, which song would you choose?
Nicholas Jonas: “I Just Called To Say I Love You” by Stevie Wonder. [Nicholas sings the song] Joseph Jonas: That’s definitely for all of us.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Thank you guys for the interview. Good luck with the album.
Jonas Brothers: Thank you so much!

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