JoJo Takes The High Road

“Too Little Too Late” maybe the title of JoJo’s new single, but it’s definitely so much to look forward to on her new album. The follow up album The High Road is set to release October 17th, but StarShine was able to get the inside scoop in advance. “It’s still in the R&B/Pop vein,” JoJo says of the album, “but we go a little bit more on the rock side for some songs. We’re playing with a lot of different kinds of music.” Some of those different styles involve sounds from the islands and a sample from the ’80s classic “Africa” by Toto.

JoJo released her debut album in 2004 at the tender age of thirteen and though she was mature then, now at fifteen, she’s even more so with a number one Billboard hit behind her along with major roles in two motion pictures. Now that JoJo is once again focusing on her music career, she pulled out all the stops on this upcoming album. The High Road has contributions from phenomenal producers like Scott Storch, Swizz Beatz and the legendary Diane Warren, who’s also a good friend. “When we’re not working, my mom and I still hang out with her when we’re in LA,” says JoJo.

Warren worked on two songs for the album, one called “A Note to God”, which wasn’t originally planned for JoJo. “She was playing [the song] for me on her piano at her studio.” JoJo explains. “My mom started crying because she thought it was beautiful and I know when my mom cries it’s actually a good thing.” She laughs. “So I was like you know let’s go to the studio tonight. I love this record. We knocked it out in about thirty minutes.” The rest was history. “It’s an inspirational song. It’s kind of haunting in the melody and I think it’s a song that will really touch people.” JoJo’s version of “A Note to God” obviously touched Warren since the raw version she recorded that night is the exact one that appears on the album. “I think that there was an intensity in that version that couldn’t have been duplicated again.” JoJo says.

With a powerhouse album like The High Road picking the first single must have been difficult. However, JoJo says it was no contest when choosing “Too Little Too Late”, which was written by Billy Steinberg (Madonna, Whitney Houston). “As soon as I heard that song, even with the demo singer on it, I knew that I wanted it for my album.” She says. “Once I put my vocals on it and we put our own little spin on it, I really wanted it to be my first single from the moment it was all done. I love the acoustic guitar. I love the words. I love the melody. It’s just a really great song.” JoJo gushes. It seems she made the right choice; the song is all over radio, Music Choice, and MTV.

Recently JoJo performed “Too Little Too Late” live for the first time at the Miss Teen USA pageant. It was also the first time she was singing with her new band, which is made up of young musicians from the New England area. JoJo is looking forward to hitting the holiday radio show circuit with the band and touring with them after the new year.

At 15-years-old, JoJo is a superstar in her own right with her dreams in place. Where else is there to go? According to JoJo–everywhere! “I want that number one record. I want to win a Grammy. I want to win an Oscar. I don’t want to set a limit to what I can do.” She explains and also stated she wants to run her own record company someday. “I’d like to oversee the careers of new artists once I’m grown and once I have more understanding of this business because there’s always more to learn. So I want to do it all.” Not only does she want to do it all, but she wants to see it all as well. “I want to see the world. I want to go to Africa. I want to go to all of Asia. I want to see everything.”

JoJo truly seems inspired by the world and obviously aims to inspire others. She chose to dedicate the title track of the upcoming album “The High Road” to her fans. “I think a lot of people need an inspirational message right now.” JoJo feels. “There’s so much to be confused about and there’s so many people that try to bring you down. I just feel like there’s a lot of negativity. ‘The High Road’ is really an uplifting song and a song that’s meant to inspire.” The High Road definitely hopes to be an album for fans and the music industry alike and leaves a lot to look forward to. To keep up with the overachieving JoJo, check out


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