Hi Everyone!

If you haven’t heard, Ellen (yes, thee Ellen!) is following me on Twitter! This put a fire under my butt to try and get on her show! But I’ll need your help! Below I will list a few ways you can contact The Ellen Show. I would love it if you could do one or all of them to up my chances of getting noticed by Ellen’s producers!

What do you get out of it? Well, seeing me on TV + possibly hearing “Haley’s Letter” performed live. And a big HUG + thank you from me!

Contact Ellen:

Reply to @TheEllenShow that you would love to see @AuthorSandyLo on the show. Tips: Mention “Dream Catchers”.

Go to: Write on Ellen’s wall that you’d like her to do a segment on me about my book “Dream Catchers”.

Fill in all of the information and again tell her about me and why you think I should be featured.

Additional Tips: You can mention I’m a self-published author of 2 books and the editor of StarShine Magazine all before the age of 30. You can tell her about the song I wrote for “Dream Catchers”, “Haley’s Letter”, which is performed by James Manzello.

Thank you guys SO much! This means the world to me!

Hugs, Kisses & Stars,
Sandy Lo

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