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Steve & Sandy

We’re going to share our ideas and experiences for our date nights at home with you! Get printables, shopping links, and more! Read on for more info…

My boyfriend, Steven, and I have been together for over five months and are always looking for new date night ideas. Sure, we go out to dinner, catch a movie, have game nights with friends and family, but once a month we try to have a date night at home – just us two, well, and our bunny Zuko might stick his curious nose into our activities once in a while.

I’m no dating/love expert and neither is Steven, but we both think distraction-free one-on-one time is essential to maintain and strengthen intimacy. While going out and doing something fun is also nice, it’s important to have nights without even the distraction of a restaurant server or strangers so you can sit closer than you normally would, wear what you want or as little as you want, and do things you might not feel comfortable doing around others – like dancing for Steven.

We’re not sure who initially said this piece of advice – I first read it in an interview with John Travolta and Kelly Preston years ago – but we believe the key to a strong and happy relationship is to never stop dating one another.

Steven and I didn’t have an easy road finding love, but now that we have, we cherish each other and have learned so much about what not to do from the many relationships we have witnessed around us in our lifetimes.

Some may call us cheesy or too gushy and some pass us off as in the “honeymoon phase”, but we try not to let outsiders’ opinions affect us. If anything, the skeptics who say our lovey-dovey romantic stuff is a phase are who made us want to start traditions like our date nights at home in the first place.

These dates allow us to check in and notice any changes in our relationship, the good and the bad. For instance, we tried a date night subscription box one night (which was totally overpriced, but it inspired us to create our own date boxes and theme nights, which we will be sharing with you!) and we had to ask each other several questions about our first date, what we thought of each other when we first met, what we would do over if we could, favorite qualities, private jokes, and things like that.

Steven chopping chocolate for homemade truffles on one of our date nights.

It made us realize there were a few things we did more of in the beginning of the relationship that we haven’t done in a while, and we wanted to bring back. For instance, I missed the large amounts of romantic texts Steven used to send me. The only reason they had decreased was that we don’t have many reasons to text these days since we live together and spend so much time together. Since I mentioned I missed those texts, however, Steven has made an effort to send an “I love you” text or say something super sweet a few times a week via text. For my part, I try to send more flirty texts to get him excited to come home and keep the passion for each other going.

Other changes we acknowledged were for the better – like feeling more and more at home with one another and losing that early relationship anxiety about where we were headed.

Stereotypically, the female in the relationship is the romantic one and always forcing her significant other into doing lame things he doesn’t want to do. This is not the case here. While yes, I am a romantic and probably more so than Steven overall, he is also one and enjoys our activities together.

We know when to compromise and with me being a bit of a take-charge person when it comes to things I want to do, I try to step back and leave room for Steven to come up with ideas or things for us to try and do as well.

In fact, our first date night at home idea, which inspired this series, was all Steven’s idea! Of course, I then took it and ran with it. I wanted to share our date nights with our readers to help inspire them and provide free printables, recipes, and other date itineraries and materials for you to use.

Sharing our experiences with all of you will also encourage us to keep coming up with fresh ideas for our dates. It’s a win-win!

Bookmark this article and check back for a list of our date night ideas as we add them, which will feature photos, product links, playlists, recipes, printouts, and more.


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