FREE DOWNLOAD: Jeff Timmons Album; Plus, Find Out Why StarShine Loves Him!

StarShine’s good friend Jeff Timmons called me recently to tell me about a new development in his career.

A free album!

Yes, we mean completely free!  Sign-up to receive this wonderful gift of music here:

And in the season of giving, make sure you pass on the link to your friends.

So why did Jeff Timmons, a man who is not having trouble obtaining a record deal, decide to release his music on his own, and for free?  With the industry going the way it is–free downloading sites like Lime Wire, music stores closing down, and record labels shelving most of their artists’ music for years–Jeff figured, why not?

“People can get the music anyway,” he says.  “I thought the record business needed something different.”  With his free album, Jeff hopes to achieve 1 million downloads and bringing change to the industry.  He’s already halfway to his goal!

Jeff’s free album campaign has taken the film industry’s inspiration by subsidizing costs through sponsors and product placement.  Most importantly, Jeff is hoping word of mouth, the oldest promotional tool in history, will be his best bet.  With the relationships he’s built within the industry over the years from 98 Degrees to his solo career, Jeff Timmons is just the man to accomplish this feat!

He’s humble, talented and innovative–not to mention a real artist.  Personally, I always specify that in my articles since oddly enough–real artists are hard to find nowadays.  Like many other people, I discovered Jeff Timmons and 98 Degrees in the ’90s–and musicially, he has remained a constant in my library–from disc mans to i-Pods!  In fact, I just whipped out my 98 Degrees Christmas album the other day, which I have done every year since its release in 1999.  The purity and natural ability of Jeff’s voice always makes me smile.

With that said, I look forward to hearing what he’ll come up with on his new solo album–especially some of the new dance tracks!

Now as StarShine Magazine’s editor-in-chief, I can say with confidence that Jeff Timmons will remain a constant on our website–and not just my personal library.  It’s always an honor to get to know an artist I’m a fan of.

So what are you waiting for?  Go to: right now to receive Jeff’s FREE album!  What do you have to lose?