Ferras ‘Speaks In Tongues’ on New Self-Titled EP Executively Produced by Friend Katy Perry

Ferras_Digital EP_750With a smooth, provocative sound and lyrics so visual you can play his songs like a movie in your mind, Ferras might as well be this generation’s George Michael.

After his minor musical success in 2008 with debut album Aliens & Rainbows, (“Hollywood’s Not America” was the official send-off song on American Idol) Ferras stepped back from the spotlight and penned tracks for the likes of Adam Lambert and Ricky Martin.

It wasn’t until pop phenom, Katy Perry, one of Ferras’ best friends, was launching her own record label, Metamorphosis Music (a division of Capitol Records), that he reconsidered taking center stage once again.  Perry approached Ferras with the record deal and asked him to join her Prismatic World Tour.  “Katy really wanted me to be on tour with her and slowly build awareness,” Ferras told Half Full in a recent interview.  “I’m really looking forward to meeting the fans and play for more than fifty people,” he laughed.

Ferras and Perry have been friends since they both entered into the music industry.  “She’s the mom of our group of friends,” Ferras said of her becoming his boss, so to speak.  “It was very natural for her to be in the boss role anyway.”

All right, enough about Katy Perry.  Ferras is his own force to be reckoned with!  “Speak In Tongues”, the first single off the self-titled EP, is intoxicating, sexy and emotional.  “It’s kind of hard to describe,” says Ferras about the song.  “It’s about two people trying to reconnect; reuniting a spark.  Stop using words and just express yourself physically.”

The lyric video for “Speak In Tongues” features a contemporary dancer, which makes a powerful statement.  Ferras says he hopes the concept for the actual video includes movement and dance as well.

The EP’s other four tracks seem to flow together like chapters of a book.  After listening to the ups and downs of Ferras’ emotions in each song, you definitely feel like you know him.  Not many artists can be raw, yet so darn polished at the same time.  Ferras is a gem the industry, and music fans, need to recognize.

Get Ferras on iTunes now.  Check out a sample of the EP right here!

Ferras’ advice on living life with a “Half Full” attitude…

“Gratitude is most important.  When you’re in a dark time, and I’m speaking from total experience, it can be hard.  Sit down and think about what you do have, rather than what you don’t.  You’ll be surprised with how much better you’ll feel.”

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