Faith-Based Rapper Shawn DeBerry Releases “I Am Who I Am”

Formerly known as Harlem Witness, Christian rapper, Shawn DeBerry is releasing his first single under his real name.  The song, “I Am Who I Am” will be available for purchase exclusively on Band Camp on June 19th!

The Staten Island, NY based DeBerry has been compared to the likes of Jay Z, but keeping true to himself and not giving into the urban stereotypes of using cussing, sex, and violence as song material.  Instead, DeBerry’s music is clever, uplifting and brings forth positivity.

“I Am Who I Am” is the epitome of living life with a Half Full attitude.  The track talks about paying bills, but keeping dreams alive.  The message is clear: work hard, go after what you want, and good things will come.

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