“Failure Is Not An Option” – The Mixtape by Harlem Witness Available 6/10/11!

My amazing friend, Shawn “Harlem Witness” DeBerry is releasing his first mixtape Failure Is Not An Option on June 10th!  I’m incredibly proud of him and amazed by his growing talent.  Failure Is Not An Option features 8 tracks, each with cleverly perfected lyrics that will have anyone bopping their head.  Starting off the mixtape is “I Profess”, which sets the tone for the other songs.  I instantly couldn’t wait to listen to the rest of the album upon hearing that first song.  Another standout track is “Dedication”, which is about a young girl who gets pregnant and rises above the hard times due to her unwavering faith in God.  “Witness” is another favorite because it really tells the world who Harlem Witness is and where he comes from.  For the official track listing, see below.  You can download the first 2 singles for free: “Witness” and “Walk With Me” here: http://harlemwitness.bandcamp.com/

For more info on Harlem Witness, check out: www.harlemwitness.com

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/witnessthetruth

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/theharlemwitness


1. “I Profess”
2. “Witness”
3. “Believe”
4. “Walk With Me”
5. “Move Like My Demonstrator”
6. “Dedication”
7. “I Reside”
8. “What Is Success”