Exclusive: Naturally 7 Talk New Album, Michael Bublé, and their Single “Fix You”

A cappella sensation, Naturally 7 have been playing to sold-out crowds as the opening act for Michael Bublé.  If you’ve ever been blessed enough to see these guys perform live, you know how fantastic they are.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen them multiple times now, and each time, I am more amazed than the last.

Founding member, Roger Thomas spoke exclusively to Half Full via email about their upcoming U.S. debut album, Hidden In Plain Sight, as well as their rendition of Coldplay’s hit, “Fix You”.  You can now pre-order Hidden In Plain Sight, and receive instant delivery of “Fix You”.

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How did you guys get started together?

Roger Thomas (Naturally 7): Two of us are brothers and the rest of us met through friends in New York–Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island.

Is it difficult arranging songs just using your voices?

Roger: In the beginning, yes, but now it’s second nature. We pretty much just think like a real band.

How did touring with Michael Bublé come about?

Roger: His European agent was the father of our European agent. He was looking for the perfect artist that could work with the fact that he had a big band on the stage. All we need are 7 mics and the show is on!

What are some of your favorite memories from the road?

Roger: The show is so smooth, usually, so you tend to remember the times when things don’t work technically, but somehow you’re able to pull it off and still get a great result. That’s happened a handful of times in numerous cities around the world. One big memory was the first show we did in Holland. We didn’t know what to expect, and it was our first show in an arena. We got a standing ovation that night and we knew we were going to be alright. 🙂

Aside from vocal play, how would you describe your genre and sound?

Roger: A Cappella, but not… a band, but not… R&B and Hip Hop, but not… Jazz and gospel, but not… We basically defy all genre categorization by fusing so many styles.  The only thing that stays constant is using our voices alone.

How does your upcoming album, Hidden In Plain Sight compare to music you’ve done in the past?

Roger: We really sank our teeth deep into this project. We’ve always made it our business to discover new ground, but I think, this time, we’ve perfected the journey. 🙂

Your rendition of “Fix You”, by Coldplay, is the album’s first single. How has the band responded to your take on their hit? And the fans?

Roger: The fans are the reason it’s even on the album. It originally wasn’t on the album at all. So many people heard us do it “live” and asked, “How can I get it now?”  So we knew we had to include it. To my knowledge, Coldplay haven’t heard it yet. But I’m excited for them to hear it soon. I’m sure they’ll enjoy hearing their masterpiece with a N7 approach.

Half Full Magazine is all about positivity and living life with a glass half full kind of attitude. What’s your advice to live life this way?

Roger: Wow! I would say that is the best attitude to have in nearly all situations. Just imagine a scenario that is worse than your own, and live in that thought for a moment, then when you come back to your reality, you realize in most cases, I’ve got it good. That’s the glass half full!

Watch Naturally 7 in action!

“Fix You” Music Video

Singing with Michael Bublé on a NYC Subway

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