Everyone Should Find Their Own Paradise

64523_10151925518810993_688863993_nI am definitely not someone who grew up in paradise, but I didn’t really feel the financial burden my family was in.  Like the famous quote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”  I lived in a project development.  I went to school in bad neighborhoods.  I was told “You can’t” more than “You can”.  When I was a child and wanted to be an artist, I was told, “you won’t make any money” and “that’s too difficult of a career choice”.  I was five!

When I wanted to be a journalist, I was told the same thing.  I still went for it though.  Maybe I didn’t make a ton of money, but I got something much better from following my heart.  I gained confidence in myself.  The low self-esteem I was troubled with growing up began to diminish.  I was making dreams come true for myself and got to take the ride with so many celebrities as their dreams took off as well.

From following my journalism dreams, I gained confidence that I could fulfill all my dreams.  I did that with my novels and swimming with dolphins.  I lived in Nashville, a place I had fantasized about living in.  And now, I live on an island off the Gulf of Mexico surrounded in natural beauty.

I’ve been told by my friends and family that they envy me for being able to pick-up and go.  I know sometimes it’s hard to leave those you love or pack up your kids, but I truly believe that everyone can live their dreams.  You just have to make it work for you and re-evaluate your lifestyle.  If you hate your job, actively try to find another one or incorporate things in your life that will take off the edge your job puts on you.  There are ways to make things work and they don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Bottom line is, if there is something you want to do, DO IT!  It doesn’t have to be in the grandest of ways.  If you have a secret dream to be an actor, look up extra work in your area.  At the very least, you might make a few bucks, catch a glimpse of yourself in a major film or meet a favorite celebrity.  If you want to be a singer, sing!  Perform at church or dive bars or even karaoke!  Do what makes you happy.  DO NOT stop doing something because it’s not going to make you a fortune or because you’re too busy.  Those are cop-outs and will not improve your quality of life.

Remember, you can sleep when you’re dead and you can’t take money, things or people with you.  So do as much of the things you want to do in life with the people you truly care about! Don’t waste time or energy on people who bring you down, on things you can’t control, or by complaining about something instead of changing it.

I don’t post things just to brag, though sometimes I can’t help myself, haha.  I post about the things I’m doing in hopes that I inspire others to GO FOR IT!  You don’t have to live my dreams, but live your own. <3


  • Sandy Lo

    Sandy Lo’s personal story is inspiring. She started, StarShine Magazine, an online publication in 2001, at the age of 18. She wrote her first novel in 2009, “Lost In You,” followed by the “Dream Catchers” Series. She was the first person ever to professionally interview Taylor Swift and has received personal endorsements for her books from members of boy bands Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees. Recently, she has been seeing some tremendous momentum in book sales on Kindle. She has been included on the “50 Writers You Should Be Reading” list by The Authors Show, and “Dream Catchers”, “Breaking The Moon” and “Indigo Waters” reached the Top 100 Best Selling Coming of Age novels in Amazon’s Kindle Store. What makes this even more unique, is that Sandy relocated from NY to Nashville in order to write “The Watch Dog,” which is set in a fictional town outside of Music City. “The Watch Dog” reached the Top 10 Ghost Stories on Amazon. Aside from her writing projects, Sandy is also a freelance digital strategist.