Elliott Yamin’s Idol Status Rises

Elliott Yamin came in third on the fifth season of “American Idol“ along with his debut album on Billboard charts, but finished at #1 on the Billboard Independent charts and #2 on the R&B charts. Yamin‘s self-titled debut album features eleven songs, most of which were co-written by him. When StarShine Magazine spoke to him, Yamin was very proud of himself. “For a change I actually followed through with something I set out to do.” Says Yamin.

Growing up in Richmond, Virginia, Elliott Yamin dealt with the difficulties of diabetes and being deaf in one ear. “What? Huh?” Yamin jokes when asked about the problem. “It was never really a hindrance. Just a pain in the butt.” Now that a down-to-earth guy like Yamin made it big, StarShine wondered how the people around him have changed. “Some people do treat me differently, but those times are far and in between.” Yamin assures us. “I think most people know who I am and what I’m about. It’s just kind of weird to have a lot of attention. Sometimes it’s weird.” He laughs. “It’s just a strange thing. It will always be strange to me.”

Yamin is set to tour starting May 15th through June 15th and can’t wait to sing for his audience. By the way he describes his music; StarShine can bet the show will be intimate. “It’s definitely soulful.” Yamin tells us about the album. “It’s real honest and genuine. There are some songs that are pop friendly, but I wouldn’t classify my music as poppy. It’s not too over-produced.”

The first single “Wait For You” hit radio back in March and debuted at #1 on the Mediabase Pop Callout Charts. “It’s a guy pleading for his love telling this girl how much he wants to wait for her and not give up on his love even though the feelings may not be mutual. Love kind of ran out on him and he’s trying to get it back.” Yamin explains.

Elliott Yamin is a contemporary-pop-soul dream come true! Finally an album you, your parents, your brother, and your friends can listen to together. It’s rare when an album can wet the palette for so many different appetites whether you want mellow, love, soul, or even a little funk thrown in.

“I just want to establish longevity in this industry.” Yamin confides about his goals for the future. “I want to seize every opportunity I can. I want to do a Broadway musical one day. I’d like to try and act and make appearances on shows. I just want to write good music and learn how to play the piano and connect with everyone out there.”

Connecting won’t be a problem. Through “American Idol” Yamin had the opportunity most won’t ever get. He was able to have millions of people discover him at once, something that each of his fans can hold onto for the rest of his career. They can say, “I knew he’d be a star. I remember him when…” For a music fan that’s a great feeling.

StarShine had to ask our favorite question next. What song would Elliott Yamin dedicate to his fans? “I really love the way Christina Aguilera did this thank you song on her [Back To Basics] album.” He says. “If I had a choice, I’d like to write one myself than taking a song or dedicating one.” Yamin admits.

“American Idol” or not Elliott Yamin would be a star somehow, some way. With a raw, soulful voice, a heart of gold, and a charisma that dates back to the early days of jazz and blues, Elliott Yamin is one of a kind for today’s music. This world won’t let him go.

Elliott Yamin Thanks the FANS…
“I’d just like to let [the fans] know how much I appreciate all the fanfare and all the support. Just thank them so much for being there for me. There’s just so much love and support, I couldn’t be in a better position. So I want to do this together with everybody with the fans included. They’re just as big of a part of this project as the producers and writers I’ve worked with. It’s a total team effort. That’s the kind of feeling I get from my fans; that everybody’s on my team. It’s a great feeling.”


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