Eat It & Burn It with Craig Ramsay: Don't Let Unhealthy Slip Ups Ruin Your Fitness Game!

New Year resolutions are a great way to reaffirm values and to commit to better health. However, bad habits can be difficult to break and when a diet slip up happens it tends to send us on a downward spiral of fast food and shame.
Celebrity fitness trainer Craig Ramsay, can rescue your New Year resolutions and restore your faith in health and fitness! Craig has transformed countless individuals through his online training programs, workout DVD, and multiple fitness books, including his most recent release, Anatomy of Stretching. With over 12 years in the health industry, Craig is listed as one of People Magazine’s top fitness experts and was first introduced to the American public on Bravo’s Thintervention where he co-hosted with Jackie Warner. Craig Ramsay’s approach to wellness is one of the most unique and effective ways of promoting health, movement, and self care. Colin Farrell called him genius and Sharon Osbourne said he is brilliant.
With his unique Eat it & Burn it online series on U Live, Craig guides you through specific workouts that will reverse the damage done by a diet fail. To motivate you to follow through with your fitness goals, Craig is offering specific routines to work off your favorite treats, including nachos, french fries and even pizza (because we can’t always be perfect.)
It’s nice to be reminded that one diet fail won’t derail all the healthy eating and hard work you’ve committed to for the new year.  To learn some new 10 minute workout routines to burn quick calories, check out the entire Eat it & Burn it series by following the U Live channel: