Dream Catchers Soundtrack Selection: Haley’s Letter by Tortured AKA James Manzello #MusicMonday

HaleysLetterArtworkThis #MusicMonday, I am featuring “Haley’s Letter”, an original song from DREAM CATCHERS.  I wrote the lyrics with actor/musician/comedian James Manzello who also composed the music.  James also performs the song, which is available on all online retailers for purchase and streaming under the fictional band name Tortured!  I am so proud of how this song turned out and recently made a lyric video for people to enjoy!

SONG: “Haley’s Letter” (Available for purchase on iTunes. Also available for streaming on Spotify/Rhapsody)

ARTIST: Tortured (fictional band from “Dream Catchers”)

BOOK: “Dream Catchers” (Purchase on Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iTunes or purchase the entire Vol. I of the “Dream Catchers Series“)

CHARACTERS: Jordan and Haley

INSIGHT: In “Dream Catchers”, Jordan writes a song for Haley.  The two main characters started off not liking each other and develop a deep relationship.  Knowing they may never speak again after they leave New York, Jordan writes his band’s first ever love song, which completely floors Haley who is not used to being the center of attention.

When working with James Manzello on the production of “Haley’s Letter”, I sent him the scene in the book and explained my 30 Seconds to Mars-vibe of Tortured.  The final result was a harrowing love song that has the crescendoing Mars effects, but also a sound all its own.  The track was produced by Frans Mernick in Staten Island.