Craig Ramsay
Craig Ramsay
Fitness trainer, Craig Ramsay has some great workout tips for Super Bowl Sunday, or really any time you’re watching the tube for a prolonged period of time.
Your couch is not just your stadium seating for the game, it’s also your gym!
Here are Craig Ramsay’s 3 LITTLE exercises while watching the BIG game.
Exercise #1 Couch Surfing
1. Stand roughly a foot in front of the couch standing shoulder width apart. Lower your body with a slight squat where your booty is roughly 6-8 inches off the couch.
2. While staying in that squat position, lift up your left foot and step out to the left. Draw your right leg in towards the left leg and gently “Touch Down” your booty onto the couch for a “Time Out” of 2 seconds. Squat back up into your bend squat position.
3. Repeat towards the right.
Tip: Muscle fatigue WILL occur during this exercise, stand up tall, shake out your legs, and “Game On” get back to it.
Exercise #2 Couch Abs
1. Lay on the floor in front of your couch placing your hands under the couch. Have the kids, family or friends sit on the couch to weight it down.
2. Palms up, use the couch as leverage as you extend your legs out 90 degrees.
3. Draw the knees in towards the elbows, squeezing your abs tight.
Tip: flex your feet and keep your elbows pointing up in the air to protect your shoulder rotator cuff.
Breath in on the contraction while bringing the knees in towards the elbows and breath out when the legs go out 90 degrees.
Exercise #3 Couch Push-ups
1. Start in a plank position with your hands securely on the seat of the couch.
2. Lower your upper body with a push-up, bringing your chest closer to the couch.
3. Press up back into a plank position, making sure you do not lock your elbows at the top range of movement.
Tip: make sure your chest is over your hands to protect your rotator cuff.
If pushups are not your strength… yet, then modify this exercise by placing your knees gently on the floor.  Place a pillow under the knees for added comfort.
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