Craft Project: St. Patrick’s Day Beer Bottles [FREE Printable Included]

I wouldn’t say I am new to crafting, but I am new to adult crafting.  Most of us were probably artistic as children in some way.  As the years go by, the less time we have to explore that creativity that we indulged in simply for the fun of it.  We didn’t worry about making money or “wasting” time on something that was just for us.  I have always been creative, but I focused my creativity on writing as I got older and now, I am allowing my artistic side to run wild.  From recipe creation to brush lettering to any other project I want to do, I am going for it simply to de-stress and create something fun! I am trying to be comfortable in not being perfect, but to enjoy learning and exploring things that work and do not.
I tend to make things too complicated when I create.  There is beauty in simplicity sometimes.  These recycled beer bottles are simple, adorable and functional.  Right now, I am focusing on St. Patrick’s Day, but you can customize for any holiday or rustic wedding even… these would be great to hold a small bouquet!

(Note: The bouquet pictured is actually my bridesmaid bouquet from my bestie, Kindell’s wedding — which she handmade herself. Learn how to make these amazing bouquets here.)
Beer Bottles
I used small green bottles that I saved from a case of ginger beer, but larger bottles will work just as well! Color is also not a big deal–but for the season, green would work best. Try Heineken bottles!
Glass Writing Markers
You can get these on Amazon or any craft store like Michael’s. I used this set:
Lace or Ribbon
I got mine on Amazon, but again, craft stores or even places like CVS will have some nice ribbon.  The ones I used can be found here and here.

Bottle design made by me. Flowers made by Kindell of Postcards & Daydreams.

Embellishments (optional)
Shamrocks, pots of gold, leprechauns, oh my!  You can buy these or make them yourself if you have a tool for die-cutting, or are a great artist that’s handy with an exacto knife. I wound up using a gold coin for one of my bottles and it turned out to be my favorite one!
Artificial or Real Flowers
Perfect for making these bottles really stand out as centerpieces or decor on an end table or even to give as a gift! (Learn how to make paper flowers here.)
Step 1: Drink a beer, of course!
Step 2: Wash your bottle and scrub the label off with warm water and a sponge or damp paper towel.
Step 3: Make sure your bottle is dried completely.  Decide how you want to decorate your bottle.  You can do a few different designs to spread around the house. Or, you can even make these completely functional by using them instead of glasses for parties.  Just omit any ribbon/lace/embellishments and use a funnel to pour drinks in.
Step 4: Write a saying or message on the bottle.  Here are some ideas:
Slainte! (cheers in Gaelic speak)
Erin Go Bragh (Ireland Forever)
Happy St. Patrick’s Day
Or don’t use words at all!  You can draw shamrocks. A simple technique is to make 3 circles: 1 on top and two connected to it on the sides.  Then draw a stem coming from it.
Step 5: If using lace, wrap tightly around your bottle neck or base.  I used a hot glue gun to attach the lace at the seams.  Press gently after a moment — be careful, glue may be hot still.  Alternately, you can tie ribbon or lace around the neck of the bottle and skip the glue all together.
Step 6: Add any embellishments you want also using the hot glue gun.
Step 7: Place flowers in the bottle and display or give to a friend as a gift!
Having a St. Patrick’s Day party? I created a fun bottle label. Download it below. Simply print the label, cut out and apply using double-sided tape to any bottles of beer you will be serving.  Your guests will be drinking leprechaun beer all night!

FREE DOWNLOAD: St. Patrick’s Day Beer Bottle Label

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