Up & Coming Artist: Chrissy

StarShine’s Lancaster, Pennsylvania friend, Chrissy is an up & coming singer managed by the Wright Entertainment Group. Her name and music have been floating around the internet for years now. Chrissy has been StarShine’s best kept secret for a while and we’re excited the rest of the world is finally starting to let the secret out!

Her songs “Strut” and “My Slushy” are edgy and fun with infectious beats. Both songs bring an old school flavor to danceable pop. Chrissy isn’t just another pop princess though, she screams girl power proudly with self-described “bubbly” tunes and with eccentric beauty that could be packaged into a Bratz Doll. Chrissy has the powerhouse vocals of Mariah Carey with all the individuality of Gwen Stefani and the musical stylings of every eclectic artist in between. Chrissy’s rock-tinged “I Took Your Boyfriend” and “Lucky Number” expresses that diversity.

Though still without a record label backing her, Chrissy’s songs have been featured on Fox’s Prison Break and ‘NSync’s Joey Fatone liked her so much, he used one of Chrissy’s songs on his personal My Space page.

Like her music, Chrissy’s fan base is diversifying rapidly. “I might have the kid who listens to mainstream pop who likes me, but I might have the punk kid like me too. I like having that versatility.” Chrissy explains.

Now with a great management team behind her, Chrissy feels confident a record deal will be soon to follow. “It was always my dream to be managed by WEG. I knew at some point in my heart that I would find my way to them.”

Chrissy is currently in the studio with producer, Alex Greggs, who worked on ‘N Sync’s albums, No Strings Attached and Celebrity. Keep an eye out for this girl – she’s sure to be the next big thing! In the mean time, you can listen to her album Relentless on itunes.com. Make sure you check out her My Space page: www.myspace.com/chrissy