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VIDEO: Kevin Smith & Harley Quinn Talk Compassion & Going All The Way

Filmmaker Kevin Smith and his actress daughter, Harley Quinn Smith discuss her decision to go vegan over a meal at Doomie’s Home Cookin’ in LA. The father-daughter duo have an open and honest conversation about the stigma of vegan food, what we were taught growing up about eating animals and why Harley wanted to “go all the way” for them The video is part of Farm Sanctuary’s Compassionate Meals series, which encourages people to take a friend out for a compassionate meal and engage in conversation about what compassion is.

Instead of taking a bullying approach that so many animal activists resort to, the Compassionate Meals series opens the conversation between vegans and nonvegans to talk about our beliefs and the welfare of animals.

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Book Trailer: Indigo Waters by Sandy Lo | Available Now on Kindle

"Indigo Waters" Coming June 17, 2014!
“Indigo Waters” Coming June 17, 2014!

Author Sandy Lo’s new novel Indigo Waters is now available on Amazon.  The nautical young adult novel is about two sisters aboard a dive boat, one who fears the ocean, and the other, seeking anything to make her feel alive.  Indigo Waters is about overcoming fear, mending broken bridges, and falling in love in many different ways.

Check out the book trailer for Indigo Waters!

Produced by Sandy Lo.

Music: “Into The Mystic” – The Wallflowers

Photos: Kristy Peacock, Tita Dimnik, Sandy Lo.

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When God Whispers by Stacia Watkins from The Watch Dog for #MusicMonday

whengodwhispersHappy #MusicMonday! This week, I’m spotlighting my great friend Stacia Watkins and her song “When God Whispers”, which is the theme song for my novel “The Watch Dog”.

SONG: “When God Whispers” (Available for purchase on iTunes)

ARTIST: Stacia Watkins (Written by Stacia & Alexander Conerly)

BOOK: “The Watch Dog” (Available on Amazon, B&N & iBooks)

INSIGHT: In the book, Cori sings “When God Whispers”, a heartfelt moving song that when I first heard Stacia sing it, I began to cry. I TheWatchDogjust knew this song would be perfect for the story of Rett Baker, who hasn’t exactly been a good person. When he moves back home to his small town in Tennessee, he begins to see the people he teased growing up as beautiful–like Cori Davis. When he hears her perform the song for the first time, he is seeing her in a brand new light, and something changes.

Please watch the video of Stacia performing “When God Whispers” at the famous Bluebird Cafe. I was so honored to have her sing this song at “The Watch Dog” book release party, and even more honored to call her my friend.

Dream Catchers Soundtrack Selection: Haley’s Letter by Tortured AKA James Manzello #MusicMonday

HaleysLetterArtworkThis #MusicMonday, I am featuring “Haley’s Letter”, an original song from DREAM CATCHERS.  I wrote the lyrics with actor/musician/comedian James Manzello who also composed the music.  James also performs the song, which is available on all online retailers for purchase and streaming under the fictional band name Tortured!  I am so proud of how this song turned out and recently made a lyric video for people to enjoy!

SONG: “Haley’s Letter” (Available for purchase on iTunes. Also available for streaming on Spotify/Rhapsody)

ARTIST: Tortured (fictional band from “Dream Catchers”)

BOOK: “Dream Catchers” (Purchase on Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iTunes or purchase the entire Vol. I of the “Dream Catchers Series“)

CHARACTERS: Jordan and Haley

INSIGHT: In “Dream Catchers”, Jordan writes a song for Haley.  The two main characters started off not liking each other and develop a deep relationship.  Knowing they may never speak again after they leave New York, Jordan writes his band’s first ever love song, which completely floors Haley who is not used to being the center of attention.

When working with James Manzello on the production of “Haley’s Letter”, I sent him the scene in the book and explained my 30 Seconds to Mars-vibe of Tortured.  The final result was a harrowing love song that has the crescendoing Mars effects, but also a sound all its own.  The track was produced by Frans Mernick in Staten Island.


Sandy Lo’s Wild Dolphin Swim Inspires Next Novel!

946308_10151773119860236_172767719_nAuthor Sandy Lo fulfilled a dream come true this summer: to swim with a dolphin!  It has been a life-long dream of the writer from New York City, who’s an animal lover.  She knew she could have swam, pet and feed a dolphin at a place like Discovery Cove, but that just didn’t feel right to her.  “In an aquarium, I would get to interact more with a trained dolphin,” says Lo.  “But that dolphin is being held in a small tank and forced to perform for my benefit.  I felt like it was going against my beliefs.”

It’s no secret Sandy Lo has wanted to help animals in any way she can.  From trying out being vegan to calling the Japanese embassy to stop the killing of whales, Lo is always looking to do something to make the world better for those who can’t speak for themselves.  She began researching eco-friendly dolphin swims and came across  “Geoff and his team leave the choice up to the dolphins whether they want to swim with us,” Lo explains, who boarded the company’s boat Indigo this summer.  “Lucky for us, we had several dolphins who wanted to swim around us!  It was truly magical.”

Sandy Lo’s article about the experience is now published on and a novel is in the works based on her experiences from the dolphin expedition.  “I had two other books I was debating on writing next.  About halfway through the trip, I knew I couldn’t wait to write a novel about the beauty of the ocean and the creatures that live within it, and of course, throw a fictional love story in the mix.”

Check out Sandy’s photo gallery of the dolphin expedition here.  (Please note, mobile users may not be able to view this.)