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POLL OF THE WEEK: What’s Your Pick for Song of the Year?

The Grammy Awards air February 8th and features a wide array of nominees.  Half Full wants to know what your pick for Song of the Year is.  Vote now!  Results will be revealed Friday, January 30th.

Can The Originals’ Klaus + Kol Make an Alliance? PLUS, Reader Poll: Who’s Your Favorite Original?

See if Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Kol/Kaleb (Daniel Sharman) can make an alliance when “The Originals” returns Monday, January 19th at 8/7c. Watch a clip now and vote on our reader poll below!

Poll Results: With 54% of the votes, Elijah is Half Full readers’ favorite Original!  We for sure thought you guys would choose Klaus, who came in second with 22% of the vote.