Catching Up…and catching my breath…

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a while since I blogged or updated you on me other than a press release or a Half Full Magazine Traveling Barista blog.  I wanted to reach out to my readers who are wondering how my latest novel, “Indigo Waters” turned out and how Florida is treating me.

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“Indigo Waters” will be released in less than a month and I still haven’t figured out the ending!  Oh sure, I know the general conclusions, but haven’t figured out how to tell it or if I want to tell it in detail.  Sometimes tying things up in a pretty package is wonderful, but for this book, I think I want to tie it loosely – just enough to give readers an idea of where the characters are heading without putting limitations on them.  Anyway, I have decided to move forward with my edits before completing the last chapter.

Editing has become one of my favorite parts of the writing process!  I can separate myself as the writer and read…enjoying the story and watching it unfold – but also seeing where I may have left out important details or inconsistencies.

Aside from writing the novel, I have been working my barista job full-time, my public relations/marketing gig part-time, and working on (which I slacked on seriously while writing the past few chapters of “Indigo Waters”).

But what’s really been stealing my mental focus is my upcoming travel plans!  I don’t plan to renew my lease on Anna Maria Island in October.  My time in Florida has been introspective and in a lovely, quiet environment…but let’s face it, as much as I love the beach, ocean, and the possibility of seeing wild dolphins at any given moment, I’m still a city girl…and a picky city girl at that.

New York City was just too big and corporate for me and Nashville was the perfect size with the perfect mix of creativity.  The people were just the right mix, so yes, my plans are to get back there in 2015, but first, I want to see the West Coast.  I’ve never been!  I will be hitting several cities before heading back to Music City, and I couldn’t be happier for this crazy journey I have planned for myself.

I used to think people who traveled and moved so often did it because they were running from something or didn’t like their lives.  Now here I am, and I disagree with my previous thoughts.  I absolutely love my life and the free spirit I am.  I love that I can figure out how to live in all these different places and all these amazing people I meet along the way.

I try to think what could I be running from?  The only feelings I ever have are things, people and places I want to run to!  And no matter where I go, I always know who I am and where I come from, and the people that mean the most to me.  Part of my travels includes over 2 months in my hometown of NYC to spend with my family and oldest friends.

Life doesn’t have to be stagnant to be stable.  Life is meant to be explored.  If you learn anything from me, I hope it is that simple fact.  All things are possible if you believe they are.


  • Sandy Lo

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