“Burning Up” with Nick Carter!

I really wrestled with the idea of trying to get an interview with Nick Carter when I found out he was shooting his video right here in Nashville.  I literally just ended StarShine and if I made allowances for the Backstreet Boys, where would it end?  I’m not saying I’ll never do an interview again…but I want to do it more in a bloggie manner than be editor of a magazine.  Anyway, back to Nick Carter, who by the way I’ve loved for half my life…Needless to say when I realized 107.5 The River were picking people to be extras in his video, I found myself tweeting Intern Adam, not thinking much into it.  Apparently, my tweet was creative enough to grab his attention because before I knew it, I got a message from him saying I would get a wristband for the shoot.

I was told to pick up the wristband by 9:45, well, that tipped me off to more of a first come, first serve basis.  So I arrived right before nine and sure enough, there were a group of girls who were already there!  I expected to wait a while, but hours passed and the line was building while we all stood outside like groupies more than the “chosen” ones. I figured there would be more order to the shoot. Talk flew throughout the crowd that Nick was writing the treatment as he went, but I never know what’s true and what’s not in a group of fans. Like Intern Adam said to us, “Y’all like to talk and give out wrong information”. Ain’t that the truth?

It was a sure thing by the end of the day that I’d see at least one fan crying out of disappointment. Every event I’ve been to, whether as a fan or a journalist, I’ve witnessed a fan crying or angry. I’m usually pretty understanding, knowing there’s a lot of chaos and a lot of people involved in an event, and it’s not easy on anyone, I’m sure.

However, things could have been done a little better. The radio station gave out mixed information, for one. Two, the crowd scene should have been filmed first, not last. Everyone’s feet were killing them by that point! Most people hadn’t eaten either, afraid to lose their spot in line.

After spending the morning outside and part of the afternoon, things paid off for me—Nick Carter came out to quickly shake hands and talk to the crowd to show his appreciation. He posted a video on Twitter of us outside and asked what he should tweet it as. I randomly called out, “Hardcore” and he laughed and said, “Hardcore…”. Little did I know he wound up tweeting the video as “Hardcore. Not Porn.” Gotta love him. (Watch the video here: http://www.twitvid.com/IW2YI.  You can see me peeking out, I have “Lost In You” in my hands and I’m waving.)

When Nick walked over to me, I shook his hand and slid my first novel, “Lost In You” into his hands. I told him I published a book and that the Backstreet Boys inspired it. “Oh, wow, thank you,” was his response. Then I added, “I autographed it for you.” Haha! I love autographing things for my idols! I doubt Nick will read it, but I hope he does appreciate it. So now, two Backstreet Boys own an autographed copy of “Lost In You”. AJ McLean’s mom, my good friend, Denise Solis, sent him a copy for me when it was first released in 2009.

After Nick went down the line, he walked back into Play Dance Bar to finish filming the video. More hours went by and fans were complaining more and more of hunger and sore feet. Finally, someone comes out and tells us they’re going to select about twenty girls to go in first. There goes my “first come, first serve” theory. They picked the most dressed up girls and also, the skinniest and skimpiest.

That’s all fine and good…It’s a sexy video, but in the e-mail from the station, we were told to wear sexy, but casual with creative vibes and not your typical club scene. I took that too literal, I think. I wore my favorite outfit (which I also wore to my “Dream Catchers” book release party). It was a little sexy punk look with a petticoat, halter top, black vest, boots and fingerless pleather gloves. I thought I looked pretty fierce, so I wasn’t going to sit there and put myself down on why those girls got picked and I didn’t. Their outfits were the better fit. The rest of the crowd ranged from plain old t-shirt and jeans to formal wear! Obviously, everyone’s opinion of sexy and casual are different.

Another hour or so passes and we’re finally allowed in, but kept in the foyer of Play for another freaking hour! It was so crammed before the crowd started thinning, feeling the day was bogus. I could have left after giving Nick “Lost In You” and been happy, but I would like to say I was in the music video. What can I say, I’m a fame seeker!

We were finally allowed into the video shoot and Nick is supposed to be a DJ while the crowd is going crazy with glow sticks. (Check out a video posted by 107.5 of this scene here.)  It felt like I was at a Nick Carter concert a little bit, except “Burning Up” was the only song he sung, haha! It was quite an arm workout waving my hands in the air repeatedly with full force. This machine kept blowing gusts of air into my face, which actually felt good considering we were all packed into the room like sardines. Nick was keeping the crowd pumped by making us laugh and asking us to repeat lyrics with him. They started sending people out of the shoot after a little while for the paint scene. I was one of them, but I was fine with it. I love my outfit too much to risk ruining it! Of course, on my way out, I witnessed two very upset girls whining to Intern Adam about the day. He told them to calm down in a nice way. Gotta love Adam!

I headed home, physically exhausted. I felt like I did a full body workout between all the standing, jumping and arm pumping. By the way, people in Nashville looked at me like I’m a prostitute dressed the way I was in daylight, glitter and all! In New York, not many people would flinch.

So I doubt I’ll be seen in the actual “Burning Up” video, but at least my hands will stand out if they’re shown. I think I was the only one wearing fingerless pleather gloves. 🙂

Something off my checklist today…Now if I can just get Jared Leto a copy of “Dream Catchers”, I’d be thrilled. I hope “The Watch Dog” doesn’t wind up having any celebrity inspiration. I will make it a life mission to get that person a copy. Why do I like to drive myself crazy? 😉

Enjoy the Nick Carter pictures.  Comments are welcome and appreciated!


  • Sandy Lo

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