“Breaking The Moon” Contest!

Can’t wait for Sandy Lo’s next novel “BREAKING THE MOON”?

Well, what if you didn’t have to wait?  That’s right–Sandy will send you the first 10 chapters on March 1st IF you do one simple, little thing… Go to Amazon.com and leave a review for “Lost In You” and/or “Dream Catchers”!

All it takes is a few sentences on what you think of Sandy Lo’s writing and you can get an official sneak peek into the next chapters of Haley and Jordan’s lives!  Even better — Sandy will be asking YOU personally for your feedback.  So here’s your chance to offer input.

Sandy will also thank you personally in the acknowledgments of the published version of “BREAKING THE MOON”.  What are you waiting for?  Post a review today!  Make sure you leave a comment on this post letting Sandy know you posted a review.  Include a valid e-mail address in order for Sandy to send you the sneak preview. (E-mail addresses will be kept private)

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