Tortured: Discography

“Haley’s Letter” Copyright 2009 Engineered and Co-Produced by Frans Mernick. Produced, music & performed by James Manzello. Lyrics by Sandy Lo. Buy on iTunes Look into her sad eyes Her life’s spinning round She can’t see the beauty that I found Luckily I wrote it down Chorus: And this is my letter Haley, I’ll miss

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Tortured: Bio

Hailing from NYC, Tortured consists of edgy crooner Jordan Walsh (vocals/guitar), Danny D. (vocals/drums), Sebastian Lo (keys) and Darren Colville (bass).  With relatable angsty lyrics, intricate instrumentation, and a flawless live show, Tortured is set to be the next big thing in rock music!  Lead singer, Walsh is not only mesmerizing with his strong vocals,

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The Real Members of Tortured

“Aside from Jordan Walsh, I based the band members of Tortured on real people in my life.  Each of these guys has had an impact on my life in some way and I thought everyone should know who they are.” – Sandy Lo Sebastian In real life, Sebie is my one and only older brother. 

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Tortured is the fictional band from Sandy Lo’s novel “Dream Catchers”.  Always inspired by music, Sandy listened to alternative/rock while writing “Dream Catchers”, especially one of her favorite bands, 30 Seconds To Mars, who she cites as Tortured’s main influence.  “Haley’s Letter” is the song featured in “Dream Catchers” that was written by Sandy along

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Tortured: Videos

This is the debut performance of “Haley’s Letter” at the “Dream Catchers” book release party. The song is being performed by Alexander Kikis and the producer of the song, James Manzello. Lyrics were written by Sandy Lo and music was written by James Manzello and co-produced by Frans Mernick.