JoJo Takes The High Road

“Too Little Too Late” maybe the title of JoJo’s new single, but it’s definitely so much to look forward to on her new album. The follow up album The High Road is set to release October 17th, but StarShine was able to get the inside scoop in advance. “It’s still in the R&B/Pop vein,” JoJo

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Gretchen Wilson: Inside the Redneck Woman

Country music is stereotyped around the world in sometimes a negative way. “Redneck” is one of those terms people unfamiliar with the country community label not only the music as but the people as well. One woman in country music was and will always be proud to be called a “Redneck Woman”. Gretchen Wilson jumped

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Album Spotlight: “What’s Left of Me” – Nick Lachey

Through pain, fear and a broken heart emerges twelve beautiful songs that we will see as what’s left of Nick Lachey. However, there’s obviously much more to this talented man than viewers of “Newlyweds” saw as Jessica’s husband. Though Lachey’s career started about a decade ago, it was overshadowed by his marriage and now divorce.

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Leslie Carter is Paving Her Own Way

It’s been about five years since some of us heard from Radio Disney friendly Leslie Carter. But for many of you, this might be the first time hearing that name. You’re probably asking yourselves if she’s related to the same blood line that brought you Nick and Aaron… well, yes, she’s their sister. But don’t

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Play’s Last Stand

During Play’s down time in Sweden, Anna Sundstrand, Rosie Munter, and Janet Leon took some time out to call StarShine to talk about topics that’s been on our readers’ minds lately. Though Anais Lameche was unavailable, Play’s manager, Laila Bagge informed us she is finishing up school before starting her solo career. Though this will be StarShine’s last interview with Play, we know this will be just the beginning of our journey with the solo members of the group, so always stay tuned to!