BLOG: Starbucks Event a Success!

The past week has been a bit crazy! Being a new self-published author, I obviously don’t make a living off of it. It’s no big secret that I work full-time at Starbucks. It’s not a bad gig, honestly. I have a flexible schedule and can transfer anywhere around the world if I wanted to! Working as a barista also gives me the opportunity to meet some pretty amazing people! Some of my close friends are or were Starbucks employees and some of my most loyal supporters are customers.

I was lucky enough that my store manager said YES immediately to the idea of having me sign and sell copies of “Dream Catchers” last week.  I was nervous for it.  This wasn’t like any event I’ve had before where it was strictly for my event with my friends and family attending.  I’ve only worked at the Starbucks in Hauppauge for six months, so most of our customers didn’t know that I’m a writer.

So many of them were so supportive and excited to buy an autographed copy of my book!  Even customers I had never seen before bought the book!  It was quite a successful day!  I was even asked by another Starbucks to have an event there in the future.  To make things even better, ever since that day, I’ve been selling books everyday at work!  I even had a couple of people finish “Dream Catchers” and tell me they loved it so much they ordered “Lost In You” online!  What an enormous compliment that is to me!!!

As you can imagine, this has motivated me to do more events, to promote more to new markets.  Well, a reader of mine in Spain (Mary), who’s a fellow BSB fan asked me to come do an event in Miami in December.  The Backstreet Boys’ cruise is leaving from Miami and Mary thought it would be a good idea for me to do an event for all of their fans!  The boy band in “Lost In You” was inspired by BSB, so there is relevance 🙂

Nothing is definite yet, but I’ve been looking into book stores and hotels in Miami.  I also contacted BSB’s publicist to set up a new interview while (if) I’m in town.  I’ll keep you posted on all of this!

Anyway, this week has been a bit rough other than the compliments on my writing.  Work has been busy.  Today was my only day off, but my brother is out of town so I’ve been helping my sister-in-law more with the kids.  I am excited for Halloween though!  I’m going to be a vampire.  Keeping it simple.  I’d love to hear what everyone else is going to be.  Post your costumes below!

Well, that’s all for now.  I will post my interview with Greyson Chance within the next few days.  Remember all things StarShine are now on this site.  Follow me on Twitter for entertainment news and updates on me:  Thanks to everyone who’s supported both me and the magazine over the years!

Hugs, Kisses & Stars,

Sandy Lo


  • Sandy Lo

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