Black, White, Animal or Human: ALL Lives Matter

I am usually someone who steers clear of controversy.  I don’t talk politics or bash any gender, race, or belief.  We judge too much in this world and I don’t believe most of it is our business.  With that said, I felt I needed to write this.  When it comes to the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases, I have seen my Facebook friends go too far left and right with their thoughts.  Yes, they are entitled and I tend to end up somewhere in the middle of all of their views and I still have never vocalized my thoughts to any of them.
So why am I speaking out now?  The #BlackLivesMatter hashtag.  Yes, I agree black lives DO matter, but I don’t agree with promoting such a segregated statement.  I don’t feel these types of posts/hashtags are bringing us anywhere close to equality.  In fact, I think it’s setting us back.  How about a hashtag like #AllLivesMatter?  Isn’t that really what we’re trying to accomplish here?
I know that’s what I want for this world.  I’m an advocate of all living organisms.  I believe everyone has rights, everyone deserves protection, and we are all intelligent enough to figure out that no race, gender, or religion can be generalized by a few bad examples.
I just want people to stop hating, stop judging, and start showing compassion.