Author Sandy Lo Announces ‘Take Me Home’ As Next Part in The Dream Catchers Book Series


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NEW YORK, NY—March 2, 2013—After just releasing the ghostly drama THE WATCH DOG a few months ago, Sandy Lo is already halfway done penning a new book. TAKE ME HOME will be the 4th part of The DREAM CATCHERS series, which introduced main characters, the reserved self-explorer Haley Foster and gorgeous rock star Jordan Walsh. For the first time during the series, the focus shifts from Haley and Jordan to Cami Woods, the beautiful, feisty, and commonly bitchy band manager of Tortured.

In DREAM CATCHERS, Cami’s character is established through Haley’s eyes. Cami was first seen as Jordan’s jealous ex-girlfriend who moves onto his best friend and Tortured drummer, Danny DeSano. In BREAKING THE MOON, we see Cami’s softer side as she becomes a true friend to both Jordan and Haley in their times of need, but still maintains a rocky relationship with Danny.

That same rocky relationship turns into a broken marriage in TAKE ME HOME, which takes place almost sixteen years after BREAKING THE MOON. The story is through Cami’s perspective and will take the reader back in time to how it all began. “It was fun being able to show Cami’s introduction to the band and explore her relationships with both Jordan and Danny more,” says Lo, who is in the process of moving back to New York from Nashville, where she relocated to write THE WATCH DOG.

TAKE ME HOME not only takes the reader to the past, but to the future of the characters. All Cami Woods has ever known was a hard work ethic and an unhealthy marriage that leaves her a single mother of her brand new baby. The story unfolds when she takes a vacation to visit friends in Florida (insert some surprise characters from Lo’s debut novel LOST IN YOU here), and winds up having a hot and steamy affair with a major league baseball player.

“That’s all I can reveal right now,” teases Lo, who still has over half the novel to write, but says she’s hoping for a June 2013 release.

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