Another Book Release, Another Location. What Now?

Every time I complete and release a book, I reflect back on the process and the direction of the characters.  I learn so much about myself within the pages of each book.  Sometimes, a certain scene reminds me of where I was when I wrote it.  The scenes in “Take Me Home” where early mornings and breakfasts were involved, I know I was in Nashville at iHop, where I spent a couple of weeks writing a good chunk of the book before I moved back to New York.

I get asked a lot about the inspiration behind my characters.  Some people automatically think I’m whoever is narrating the story.  Not true.  For instance, Cami and me…we’re not alike for the most part.  She’s fiesty and testy where I’m (mostly) smiley and warm.  However, I can relate to her in feelings she’s had or things she’s gone through.  Like Cami, I was driven at a young age to pursue my career in entertainment.  I have also felt alone plenty of times or that I didn’t have a real home.  I’m sure most people have felt this way at some point.

After my mother passed away, that feeling was strong.  I still tend to feel that way from time to time, like something or someone is missing.  It’s not a constant feeling, just there once in a while.  I have so many wonderful people in my life, but I am still trying to find my “home”.

In the process of writing “Take Me Home”, I moved back to my home state of New York.  I have lived in Staten Island most of my life, aside from a year in Queens and a year in Long Island where I now live again.  I have stated before that my move back was to get a job in marketing/public relations and to be with my family.

Thankfully, I was offered a job at a social media/marketing firm within three weeks of my move.  So my instinct to move back when I did was right on!  However, I work from home, which makes me wonder why I need to be in New York?  I don’t feel any more affinity for the city than I did before.  I still find myself wanting to escape the claustrophobic area with the “always in a rush” people.

I miss Nashville, but I wouldn’t be opposed to trying something new either.  I love being near my siblings and my niece and nephew, but I felt just as close to them living in a different state than I do living in the same one.

I’ll see what happens.  I know I’ll stay put for a little while longer and wait for the perfect opportunity, but I am excited for my next adventure…and my next book.

“Take Me Home” comes out tonight at midnight eastern time on Amazon &!


  • Sandy Lo

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