An Author's Plague: To Write Or Not To Write

I’m a writer, duh, the answer is: write.  Sometimes I don’t feel like writing the novel I’m working on, or the article, or blog post either.  It always seems I want to write something that I’m not currently writing.  An article due today?  Oh, suddenly, I’m hit with inspiration for the novel.
I’m sure it’s a form of rebellion and/or procrastination, but sometimes, you have to go with your gut.  I always let my writing guide me.  I usually know when the right time is to write a novel.
I have been writing Aylin’s story in the “Dream Catchers” series for what seems like forever (almost a year), and I have NO idea where I want it to go.  Maybe I’m just not ready.  70,000 words into a novel and I’m not ready to finish it?  That seems crazy to me.  Usually, this is the time I knock out 30,000 words in a weekend.  Instead, I have been writing an agonizing paragraph a couple of times a week.
I have finally come to terms with the fact I need to step back.  I need to work on other things, like my supernatural novel, “Decaf For The Dead”, perhaps, or more blogging or journaling, or editing.
I want to be a better writer.  I want more for these characters I have created in the “Dream Catchers” series — they deserve at least one movie based off of them.  That is my ultimate dream — turning my books into movies.
I am more of a movie enthusiast than a book nerd.  While I enjoy a good book, I have trouble finding books I love.  I’ve always been enthralled with movies, though.  I know you avid readers are scoffing at me, and I am often afraid to admit this fact about myself.
I even describe my writing as something for people who love movies and don’t adore reading.  Judge me all you want, but I’m trying to be more of a book nerd.  Really, I am.  I just rather be creating most of the time.
Anyway, I am trying to open myself up to more critiques, and want to actively seek an agent so I can reach a bigger audience and eventually make my movie dreams reality.
This isn’t going to be an easy road, but I need to learn patience again.  I am so used to cranking out a book a year, and while that is impressive, I think my work needs a lot of fine tuning.
It’s time to step back and better my craft… and maybe incorporate a little more balance into my life.  I have many passions, and I shouldn’t resign myself to giving one all of my attention.
To write or not to write?  Well, that depends on the circumstances.  I need to stop making myself feel guilty when I don’t want to write or if I don’t want to write what I assigned myself to write.
With that said, thank you for all of your patience waiting on any future novels, and I encourage you to critique my work.  Reviews and feedback are a writer’s best friend…you know, the one you sometimes want to punch in the face, but couldn’t live without 😉