Addicted To A “Pain Killr” Named Erika Jayne


Photo by Joseph Labisi

Erika Jayne hit success on dance charts with 7 number 1s, which landed her on the cover of Billboard Magazine!  Her latest jam to hit the top is “PAIN KILLR”.  With Erika fresh out of the studio with  an entire club/dance album set to change the game,  there will be many more tracks to keep the beat, and your bodies, rocking!

Check out our interview with Erika Jayne below and listen to “PAIN KILLR” while doing so!

Congrats on your Billboard success! 7 #1s on the Dance Charts. Is it still surreal?

Erika Jayne: Seeing my name next to the #1 spot on the Billboard charts will never get old! Its always as exciting as the time before!

What inspired your latest single ‘PAIN KILLR?’

EJ: I was going through a dark time creatively and personally, and I wanted to numb the pain.

What obstacles do dance artists have to face that maybe other genre artists don’t?

EJ: ALL artist face obstacles regardless of genre.


Photo by Joseph Labisi

You got to spend a lot of time touring Asia. Was it complete culture shock?

EJ: I have been lucky to travel the world and have been exposed to several different cultures. I loved Asia and the fans are incredible there!

What can you reveal about your upcoming EP?

EJ: Its a darker and grittier sound than my past EPs. It is straight from the heart.

What’s your ultimate career goal?

EJ: I just want to continue to make #1 records and make the world dance!

Will we get to see you tour the U.S. anytime soon?

Erika Jayne will be in a city near you very shortly!

Half Full Magazine is all about positivity. What’s your advice for living life with a Half Full attitude?

EJ: Train yourself to focus on the beauty and love around you. Nothing else matters.

WATCH “Get It Tonight” – Erika Jayne featuring Flo Rida

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