Alison Sweeney Speaks Out on Feminism, ‘The Biggest Loser’ & Leaving ‘Days of our Lives’

Alison Sweeney sits down with Larry King on the Emmy nominated series “Larry King Now” to discuss leaving Days of our Lives after 21 years of playing Sami Brady, what’s next for her career and why hosting “The Biggest Loser” is so inspirational.

Watch the Interview:

“Days of our Lives” alumn Alison Sweeney explained to Larry why, after 21 years, it was time for her to walk away from “Days of our Lives” and her character, Sami Brady. She talked about her kids growing up and how that influenced her decision, “I realized that I was missing out on a lot and they were missing out on a lot with me working a lot, so I decided to cut back a little bit.” (clip below)

Alison talked to Larry about the declining number of soap operas and how the business model has changed over the last few years, “I think the reality market stepped in and really filled that void, it’s so sensationalized.” Sweeney discussed her take on why television’s numbers have been declining overall. (clip below)

“The Biggest Loser” host also talked to Larry about the large gap between the numbers of women working in Hollywood compared to men – which is much lower than in any other industry, “I was one of those women who used to say, ‘I’m not a feminist,’ but I really liked how it was brought up again this last year because the statistics are uncomfortable. The women are not working as much as men. […] Women are TV watchers. We are your audience also, so the idea that you’re not putting women in those positions of power to be effective in the tool of making TV and films that women want to see is an equation that I don’t understand.”

The episode is now LIVE on and (episodes premiere daily 2pm EST)

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