Chaser Brand Fall 2014 Sneak Peek + Exclusive Interview with VP of Design Megan Baca

Chaser Brand - Fall 2014.
Chaser Brand – Fall 2014.

Chaser is making a rock & roll chic name for itself in the fashion industry. Inspired by vintage Bohemian and European styles, Chaser Brand makes fashion simple, effortless and totally cool. Whether going for a casual afternoon stroll or hitting up a party, Chaser has you covered.  I received some samples from the company and fell in love with the look and  comfort of their line.  Chaser Brand’s VP of Design, Megan Baca talked to us recently about fall trends and fashion industry challenges. Chaser also sent us a sneak peek into their fall 2014 line!  See the photos and interview  below.

What sets Chaser apart from other clothing lines?

Megan Baca (Chaser Brand): Chaser is always evolving, yet we keep our vision: contemporary, rooted in rock and roll with a modern edge, and a Bohemian spirit, that comes together, melding into the vision that is Chaser, a unique and wearable style. We follow our instinct not just trends.

Chaser Brand - Fall 2014.
Chaser Brand – Fall 2014.

What colors are trending for fall?

Megan: We have some very beautiful, saturated colors, as well as some soft neutrals. The colors we are excited about for fall are: a dark navy that is infused with teal called “sailor”, a yummy wine color called “malbec”, and a dark grey called “coal”, a pale dirty pink called “petal”, an oyster white called “ecru” and a pale grey called “platinum”.

What is the most difficult part about fashion design?

Chaser Brand - Fall 2014.
Chaser Brand – Fall 2014.

Megan: I think what is most challenging is that everyone seems to think that it is easy; that fashion designers are just drawing pictures and playing dress up. Meanwhile, we are busting out tight timelines, making deadlines, and physically making garments. There is much more to it than most people know or can appreciate, but it is all a labor of love. You have to really be obsessed with style and fashion to be able to make a line that stands out, as there is a lot of competition, and if you do not have a unique vision, and an understanding of what your customer needs, you will fade away.

Is there a particular fashion trend that is your favorite?

Megan: I am a huge believer in classics, in vintage inspiration, and in following your instinct. We need to follow trends to stay relevant, but the key is staying true to what you feel and having a vision that is bigger than the trends, as trends come and go.

Chaser Brand - Fall 2014.
Chaser Brand – Fall 2014.

I understand you are working with the Victoria and Albert Museum in the UK. Could you tell me how that collaboration came about?

Megan: Yes! We love the archives that the V&A museum houses. It has centuries of textiles, garments, and on and on, from all across the globe. Endless inspiration to draw from. We are extraordinarily fortunate that they agreed to license the art and artifacts to us to use for inspiration. A match made in Heaven!
Chaser Brand is sold in many stores like Bloomingdale’s, Kitson, Urban Outfitters and many more. Or you can shop online at:

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