“Dream Catchers” Party Huge Success!

Sandy would like to thank everyone who came out on January 23rd for the “Dream Catchers” release party at Cargo Cafe!  Photos will be posted in the gallery soon.  A big thank you to all those who were able to perform: Harlem Witness, Darren Colvil & Chris of The Swill Merchants and of course, the ever so talented James Manzello & Alex Kikis, who debuted “Haley’s Letter” for the first time!  The song will be available for purchase soon.  Look out for a YouTube video of the performance up here as well.

Thanks to Jeff Timmons for the sweet video message he sent for the party.  You can view it here:

As a reminder, you can find “Dream Catchers” on sale at!  Here’s a direct link:

If you have already read “Dream Catchers”, please review it on  The book will be available there as well within a few weeks.

“Dream Catchers” on

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