Sandy Lo and Lost In You Update!

I have been busy the past few months getting StarShine Magazine in order, which it finally is! Big thanks to the webmaster for both and THIS site – Karen Rushton! I have also moved from Queens back to Staten Island, so I’m getting back into the swing of things.

Anyway – I’m starting up promoting again and want you guys to know I’m still here and still writing… I have added an event for July 26, 2009. I will be doing a book signing for a book club on Staten Island. More details to come. As for the Barnes & Noble book signing – things weren’t going as smoothly as I hoped, so I decided to “Damn the Man” so to speak and go in a different direction. I’m in the middle of planning a few events right now, but will post that information once things are more concrete.

For those wondering about Chris Trousdale and Anna Sundstrand…Chris is still back in Michigan with his Mom and is teaching dance classes. Anna and I are still working on our book and will hopefully have more on that soon as well.

Finally, LOST IN YOU is now available at and! 🙂 So if you haven’t bought your copy, now you have 3 different places that carry it!

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