Craig Ramsay's Super Bowl Couch Work-Out

Fitness trainer, Craig Ramsay has some great workout tips for Super Bowl Sunday, or really any time you’re watching the tube for a prolonged period of time. Your couch is not just your stadium seating for the game, it’s also your gym! Here are Craig Ramsay’s 3 LITTLE exercises while watching the BIG game.

Eat It & Burn It with Craig Ramsay: Don't Let Unhealthy Slip Ups Ruin Your Fitness Game!

New Year resolutions are a great way to reaffirm values and to commit to better health. However, bad habits can be difficult to break and when a diet slip up happens it tends to send us on a downward spiral of fast food and shame. Celebrity fitness trainer Craig Ramsay, can rescue your New Year resolutions and restore your faith in health and fitness! Read on for quick and effective workouts to burn off your favorite junk food!

10 Ludicrous Fitness Gadgets You Can’t Look Cool Using

Everyone loves ridiculous infomercials! Check out these 10 silly workout products that we have no idea if they work, but they sure make us crack up!

Alejandro Chaban’s 5 Ways To Overcome Gymtimidation

Motivational speaker and fitness expert, Alejandro Chabán shares his tips to overcoming what he calls “Gymtimidation” with the Half Full readers. Beat the end of summer blues and get motivated!