Sandy Lo TV: Aaron Carter is the first guest!

This past weekend, Sandy attended the Audrianna Bartol fundraiser.  Audrianna is a 4-year-old girl who suffers from neuroblastoma.  The fundraiser was to raise money for Audrianna’s family to help pay for her medical bills.  Aaron Carter performed and signed autographs for attendees.  Sandy caught up with Aaron in the kitchen of the American Legion Hall in Ronkonkoma, NY before his performance.  Check out the video below.  Big thanks to Sandra Cerrone for filming and assisting as a still photographer.

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2 Comments on “Sandy Lo TV: Aaron Carter is the first guest!

  1. EXCELLENT!!! Aaron is a TOTAL sweetheart and that was SWEEEET that he did a show for Audrianna! It’s ALWAYS great to give back!! STOKED to hear more of his new stuff and TOTALLY awaiting his new album! DO IT AARON…DO IT UP BIG in 2011! : )

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