Take Me Home (Dream Catchers Series Book 4)

Cami’s life falls apart.Nothing an affair with a Yankee can’t fix! Convincing her of that is the problem.

The Watch Dog

Bad boy Rett Baker is being haunted by his past. Will he find redemption?

The Dream Catchers Series

The Dream Catchers Series by Sandy Lo begins with theĀ  journey with Haley Foster, a sheltered rich girl who has never experienced life until she meets Jordan Walsh, an unpolished rising rock star. Together the duo overcome issues from their past and explore their…

Expressions (Dream Catchers Series Book 3)

EXPRESSIONS is the third and final installment to THE DREAM CATCHERS SERIES. The book is a series of vignettes written from the point-of-view of various characters throughout the series. From letters to blog entries to song lyrics, EXPRESSIONS delves deeper into the minds of the characters. Sandy hopes fans will enjoy this 52-page companion book.

Breaking The Moon (Dream Catchers Series Book 2)

Haley is faced with new obstacles while trying to understand her boyfriend, Jordan’s tormented past.