Better Bee-lieve It!

Real talk: I’ve always been a vegan who consumed honey… which after doing some digging, I can’t in good faith call myself a vegan because of that fact.

I’m putting a stop to my honey-consuming ways immediately.  Why?  Like most people, I never realized how inhumane and how bad for you honey actually is!

I read this eye-opening post from Bite-Size Vegan and I was actually in tears over it.  Some of you skeptics might think I’m overreacting or am too empathetic toward these insects.  But you might feel differently after reading the following facts I’m about to outline.

FACT: Bees are intelligent creatures.

While it’s been argued if bees feel pain or not, they are intelligent creatures who react and respond to threats to their hive and queen.  They’re social beings and have been known to react positively and negatively to certain stimuli, so what makes us think they don’t have the capability to if not feel pain, at least be emotionally affected by damage to their bodies or homes?

FALSE: Bees aren’t harmed in the production of honey.

Not only do bees get injured, but are often killed.  Beekeepers crush male bees and extract their semen to forcefully insert into queen bees.  In transit, queen bees are often injured or killed.  Their wings are usually ripped off when being shipped so they don’t fly away.

FACT: Honey is actually made from Vomit.

Yes, you heard me right! Bees make honey by chewing pollen and mixing it with their saliva before regurgitating it about 50 times.

FALSE: Bees produce more honey than they need.

Bees use honey to help the queen bee and the new babies survive the winter, both for food and for hive insulation.

FALSE: Honey is good for you.

While honey is marketed as “all natural”, it’s actually made of sugar, animal protein, and fat.  It’s an acid-forming and decalcifying food.  The acid from honey acts as a protoplasmic poison and interacts with protein to form alcohol, ammonia, and carbonic acid.  That doesn’t sound too healthy or natural, does it?

FALSE: Bees were put on this Earth to serve Humans.

No matter your spiritual beliefs and your human superiority complex, if you don’t think bees should be valued, protected, and respected, then imagine a life without them.  The extinction of bees would have a horrifying effect on agriculture, plant life, and food sources all over the world.

FACT: One person can make a difference.

All it takes is one person to educate millions.  All it takes is one person to make a change in another living being’s life.  Where you put your money makes a difference.  Think about that every time you make a purchase toward an unethically sourced item.

TIP: Try these honey alternatives!

Maple Syrup – delicious, pure, and easy to find.

Agave Nectar – Tastes just like honey.

Coconut Nectar – High amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Make your own! Check out this recipe using apples, lemon juice, and sugar (I recommend coconut sugar for a healthier alternative).

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