Backstreet Boys: Fun Quotes

The Backstreet Boys are back, alright! StarShine was involved in a teleconference with Howie, Brian, AJ & Nick on October 3, 2007, and brought back a few fun quotes we thought our readers might like! So sit back, relax & enjoy…

On Kevin Richardson…
Howie Dorough: Kevin actually came to us right before we started recording this record over a year and a half and – with the break that we had, in his heart he just wasn’t feeling going forward with making another record right now at this time. His life right now is taking a different departure with this wife just having a baby and him wanting to have that time to properly be there for the baby during these early years. Which we all know that going into recording a record, between writing, recording, promoting, touring, it’s pretty much two years of your lives we’re giving up.

On Unbreakable…
AJ McLean: One of the things that we – that we really strived for on this new record is to – is to have those up tempos again so we can dance and we can perform and not just sit up there on stools and look like a bunch of old farts. You know? And, you know, as far as some of the mid-tempos, it’s classic Backstreet Boys. It’s what we’re good at. We didn’t try to go over people’s heads and try to be something that we’re not.

On Being The Only “Boy Band” Left…
Brian Littrell: We’re – I mean, we’re obviously blessed to be like the only ones left that are – that are still together. I mean, I think that’s attributed to, you know, the music that we put out and the quality. We’ve always stressed quality versus quantity when it comes to our career. And when with started this Backstreet Boys venture 15 years ago, it was always about a career in the music business. And I think that’s what is attributed to, you know, the music and the – and the loyal fans that we’ve had and also the passion that we all have. The Backstreet Boys has never been about one particular guy. It’s always about a team. And I think that’s what’s kept us together for this long. And like Nick was mentioning earlier, we’re all competitive. We’re very, very competitive, and we want to be successful and continue to be successful. So, you know, that’s – we’re blessed to still be doing what we’re doing.

On Working with JC Chasez (‘N Sync)…
AJ McLean: Writing with JC was actually a really, really interesting process. He’s coming from another vocal group just like us. So he really understands the harmonies, the melodies, and the complex simplicity [of what we do as a group] is what he had mentioned to me once while we were in the studio. But it was a blast writing with him. I mean, we just sat down at the SSL board and just listened to the track and just started writing. And it just kind of flowed out of both of us. And we just had a really good time.

He’s a very talented writer; he’s a very talented musician, as well as artist. And, you know, I would hope that we could work with him again. I’d hope that I could definitely continue working with him. I think I’ve developed a really good relationship with him and friendship with him. It was a fun process to not only write it with him but then to have all four of us and JC in the studio at the same time. And, you know, we told him, hey, if you want to come out for a couple shows, come on out. You know? I think it also shows to people that there was never any discrimination, there was never any, animosity between both us and N’Sync that everybody always put out there in the media world.

On Favorite Songs Off Unbreakable…
Sandy Lo Grasso (StarShine Magazine): Hi again, guys. My favorite song on the album is “Panic”. And I was wondering if each of you have …
Nick Carter: Yeah! [Sings] Go, stop and go. ((inaudible)) I’m sorry, we just got so excited.
Sandy Lograsso: (laughs) I love it! No problem. I was just wondering if each of you had a favorite song as well.
Brian Littrell: This is Brian. I’ve got to go with a song called “Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon”. That – I know that’s like a – a paragraph and a mouthful. But it is the song title. It’s called “Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon”. It was written by us as well as two of our favorite writers, Dan Mukala and Bill Mann, whom we’ve worked with for in the past. So I think that’s a – that’s one of those bridge songs I think that you’ll find on the next record for the future, not Unbreakable. But even kind of like where we’re headed. So …
AJ McLean: I like “I Want It That Way”. No, I’m just ((inaudible)).
Brian Littrell: [sings] Quit playing games with my – sorry.
AJ McLean: No, I think for me – this is AJ; it’s – it’s kind of a tie for me. Obviously I’m a little biased to “Treat Me Right” because …
Brian Littrell: Whatever.
AJ McLean: … JC and I wrote it together. And I just think it’s – it was a fun experience and I think it’s a great song and it – and I really showcases everybody. Everyone sounds great. But probably my ultimate favorite would be – I don’t know, probably “Helpless When She Smiles”, just because it’s the epitome of, you know, Backstreet Boys. I mean, great harmonies, it’s a great song, great love song. It’s timeless. And I think it’s just one of those songs that will be around forever ((inaudible)). You know, hopefully our fans love it as well.
Brian Littrell: For the record, AJ will change his mind next week.
AJ McLean: I probably will.
Howie Dorough: ((inaudible))
AJ McLean: What?
Howie Dorough: ((inaudible)) What did you say? Which one?
AJ McLean: “Helpless When She Smiles”.
Howie Dorough: You liked something else last week.
Brian Littrell: That’s what I said. Next week it’ll be different. Howie, Nick.
Howie Dorough: Nick. Yes, no, Nick. Nick. ((arguing with Nick))
Nick Carter: Yes, yes, yes. No, I was just – I – OK, let me see. I love a lot of the stuff on the record, especially the stuff that we were involved in, because I feel like that, you know, we had a higher influence in, you know, whether or not, you know, putting the song writers together or writing on them. But, you know, after listening to everything, you know, I’d probably say, I mean, the coolest song would be probably – if you’re going for ballads, I actually, I have to pick two…”Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon” I love. But, you know, I’m a huge “Unmistakable” fan. I think that that one is – that’s probably my favorite song on the record, “Unmistakable”. Because we ((inaudible)) we fought for it to be written – produced a certain way, the track. You know, they wanted to kind of do some older sort of like Never Gone type of Backstreet Boy music to the song. And we fought tooth and nail to actually have it done more – a little bit more – a little bit more – I’d say the track a little bit more – I don’t know, rhythmic. So that’s really cool. People are…
Brian Littrell: Nice word.
Howie Dorough: Hi. Howie here.
Nick Carter: (mimicking) Howie here.
Howie Dorough: I think – I think – which one is that – Any Given …
AJ McLean: Any Given Sunday is a film, dude.
Howie Dorough: ((inaudible)) I keep on doing that.
Brian Littrell: Unsuspecting Sunday.
Howie Dorough: “Unsuspecting Sunday [Afternoon]”. Excuse me. I think definitely is a very artistic song. I think hopefully it’s going to be the song that when people listen to the record, you know, really see that we, you know, went out there and tried branching out a little bit and, you know, and – with our artistic side. But believe it or not, the – the current single, “Inconsolable”, has now become my favorite. I think it’s a great first song, you know, us coming out of the box. I think it’s a great ((inaudible)) last record to this record. Each of us sing on it. And I think we all sound great on it, I must say and …I think it’s a – it’s a really easy listening song. It’s not too deep. I mean, we couldn’t figure out what the word meant for the longest time. But – or even know how to spell it. But once we figured that out I think it really became a good representation of us.

On Recording Unbreakable…
AJ McLean: We really strived to do on this new record was just really have fun again as far as the creative process [goes]. We spent almost a month and a half in Nashville working with Dan Mukala as well as some other really, really talented writers, and just kind of living in the studio, and really having a full hands-on approach to this whole entire record. We predominantly A&Red this whole record ourselves along with management and some of the record company.

It was just really a very different process. It was very similar to like making records of like the old days for us, like making the Millennium record and even the very first record. There was just something about making this record… we were really excited about it. We really wanted to kind of find the sound that we’re really known for, but kind of modernize it and update it and try to be trend setters again, try to be a little bit more on the edge, but also timeless and classic Backstreet with really good harmonies, really great melodies, great lyrical content. Just positive, really good pop songs.

On Vocal Progression…
Nick Carter: I’m going through my third puberty. And – yes, it’s getting harder. No, I – well, this is Nick. I’ll start it off. Basically I feel like – I feel like I’ve gotten better. I feel like I don’t sound like an album from the Chipmunks anymore. And I feel like, you know, I’m very happy where I’m – where I’m heading vocally. So – what I can contribute to the group I think is a lot better. I don’t know about the other guys. You can ask them individually.
AJ McLean: I think, you know, it was really – there was – there was a moment yesterday in our – in our band rehearsal where we were singing and going over new stuff, getting ready for the promotional tour that we have starting next week. I mean, I – granted, we’re still working out parts and working this thing, you know – working things out. But I – I think we really sounded great. I think we – we’re just in a different place in our lives now where it’s just – we’re – again, I’ve got to go back to we’re having fun. And vocally, I think we’re all the strongest that we’ve ever been and I think, you know, obviously we’re all gone through vocal changes and – whether it’s higher, lower. And I think where all just – we’re all blending really well together now and, I mean – I don’t know, I – just – there’s a real – it’s just a really tight sound amongst us four now. And, I don’t know, I think the natural progression of everyone going through being 14 when I was first in this group and now going to be 30. And obviously my voice is going to change just a little bit. But also for me I think my voice has definitely changed every since I got sober, because, you know, drinking and partying and doing all those things definitely affects not only your voice but your morale and all of that. So I think for me now I’m – I think I’m at the top of my game. I really do. I think we all are.
Brian Littrell: If we can just get you to stop smoking.
AJ McLean: Yes, I’m working on that.

On House of Carters…
Nick Carter: I think that – I mean, I think it made me a better person. So ultimately if I’m a better person in this group. But before that I had a lot of issues, even going into the Never Gone cycle that we had done. There were a lot of things that were just unresolved and things that I had not taken care of, like mentally and even physically that I had been going through. And because of House of Carter ((inaudible)) watch myself on TV and say, holy crud, I’m pretty screwed up. Right? You know. So I just decided to ((inaudible)) myself on TV and just decided to do something about it. So I think that ultimately it made me a better artist and a better person for the future of the Backstreet Boys. I can’t tell you if maybe it hurt us, you know, in – or not in the – in the very – you know, in the immediate future and what has happened. I don’t believe so. But I’ll tell you this, for the long term goal of the Backstreet Boys it’s made me a better member. And, you know, all around we sustain this group.

On Concerts…
Brian Littrell: You’ll never come to a Backstreet Boys show and not hear like “[Everybody] Backstreet’s Back” and, you know, the signature songs. I mean, like AJ’s saying, the I Want It That Ways. I mean, those are the staples of really who we are and what we’ve based on our success on in the past. But you’ll also find new versions of those old songs that are really beefed up in a way production-wise that really go with everything that we’re doing today versus what we’ll be doing five years from now. So, you know, I mean, it would be disappointing, even as a fan – I mean, we’re all music fans. I mean, you don’t go to, you know, great groups of the past and not expect to hear their number one smash songs. So it’s just a disappointment if you don’t.

On New Choreography…
AJ McLean: It definitely different. Like it really feels different. Like sore. We’re all older now, so, you know, for me – this is AJ – I had – I had knee surgery almost three years ago and – I was just, you know, it was really funny last night because I have no shame to admit I fell last night at dance rehearsal. And Nick just kind of was shocked. He was like, you know, out of 15 years I’ve never fallen. And it’s like last night, I don’t know, I fell and …
Brian Littrell: Yes, you have. He lied.
AJ McLean: My freaking knee’s got a nice little cherry on it. But – I don’t know. I mean, you know, we’re just excited to be dancing again, because we – you know, we all really didn’t dance that much on the Never Gone tour except with some of the older stuff. So to be up there dancing like we were last night, I mean, it – it’s just fun again, it’s just – it’s just fun to be up there moving and dancing and just – everybody feels really good about it.

On Careers…
Nick Carter: Your career is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. Right? But everything you get is going to teach you something along the way and it’s going to make you the person that you are today.

On Halloween…
AJ McLean: I want to go trick or treating. I don’t know. I – when I moved into my new house here last year I felt really bad because I wasn’t prepared and I — I had all these kids show up like within an hour. I didn’t have any candy. I was giving them pennies like my grandmother used to do. And I’m definitely going to be more prepared this time and have some candy for them – for the kids, but …
Brian Littrell: I’m trying go figure out what Winnie the Pooh character I’m going to be, because Baylee’s to be – my son Baylee’s going to be Winnie The Pooh. So I’m trying to figure out if I’m going to be Eeyore or Piglet or somebody like that.
AJ McLean: You could be Christopher Robin.
Brian Littrell: I think my father-in-law is going to be Christopher Robin.
AJ McLean: Oh, there you go. Nice.

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